Which Medical Shows Are Most Realistic? Ranking 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'The Good Doctor' & More

Kat Thieme

Not one medical show on TV is 100 percent accurate, but some are definitely closer to reality than others.

Over 20 years after ER set the tone, doctor-based series are still all the rage, with newer hits like New Amsterdam and The Good Doctor and established favorites like Grey's Anatomy. So we decided to do a little investigating into which are most true-to-life.

From doctors doing the work of nurses to surgeons having an impossibly wide range of specialties, some creative licenses are being taken. Considering these medical inaccuracies, we ranked 10 popular hospital shows on a scale from 1 (totally unrealistic) to 10 (doctor-approved).

Click through the gallery to find out how your favorite show scored!

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7 'Grey's Anatomy' Storylines Inspired by Real-Life Medical Cases

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