Everything to Remember Before ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Part 1 Drops

Tom Ellis Lucifer Season 5 Details to Know
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Lucifer returns for its second season on Netflix (and fifth overall) this month, and there’s quite a few important facts you need to remember going into it.

After all, Season 4 ended on quite the major, hell-ish cliffhanger, which, as the trailer has shown, is key going into these next eight episodes. (The second half of what is not the final season will be released at a later date.)

But before you dive back into the lives of the devil himself Lucifer (Tom Ellis), LAPD detectives Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro), angel Amenadiel (DB Woodside), demon Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), therapist Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), and forensic scientist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), check out Netflix’s Season 4 video recap below and scroll down for the details to keep in mind.

Lucifer, Season 5 Part 1, Friday, August 21, Netflix

Lucifer Season 4 Returns to Hell Throne

Lucifer returned to reign over hell

To keep its demons under control, Lucifer returned to hell — after leaving it behind and building a life in Los Angeles — to reclaim his throne. After all, hell needs a king, and demons had just tried to kidnap a very young celestial being — more on that below — for the job.

Lucifer Season 4 Chloe Knows Truth Devil
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Chloe knows Lucifer's the devil

Granted, she didn’t handle the news very well at first after she received confirmation that her partner had been telling the truth all this time that he’s the devil. But after initially working with Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) to send him back to hell, she was firmly on (and by) Lucifer’s side as Season 4 neared the end, helping him deal with his full-on devil transformation.

Lucifer Chloe Love Season 4 Finale

Lucifer and Chloe's confessions of love

After Chloe’s initial reaction to the truth about Lucifer and his ex-girlfriend Eve (Inbar Lavi) — yes, that Eve, the original sinner — reappearing in his life, the two admitted their feelings and kissed just before he returned to hell in the finale. “My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe,” he said, and she told him she loved him.

Lucifer Half Human Half Angel Baby Amenadiel Linda

Amenadiel and Linda had a baby

And the half-angel, half-human baby was pretty much immediately at the center of the action, as the demons wanted him to be their new king. Lucifer, Amenadiel, Eve, Maze, and Chloe staged the rescue, and baby Charlie was back where he belonged, with his parents, by the end of the finale. Amenadiel had even decided against bringing his son to heaven for his protection.

Lucifer Season 4 Romance Eve Maze
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Maze and Eve's connection

Though Eve was all about Lucifer for most of the season, she and Maze made a somewhat surprisingly sweet connection (amidst Eve’s attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend). Still, Eve left at the end of the season to figure out who she is on her own since she had a habit of changing herself to be who others wanted. Poor Maze! But it was open-ended enough that there may be hope.

Lucifer Season 4 Ella Stops Believing God Faith
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Ella found her faith again

Ella had a crisis of faith after Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) died, but she found her way back to believing again by the end of Season 4, even putting her cross necklace back on.