Meet Tomorrow’s Knights: ‘Gotham Knights’ Stars Introduce Their Characters (PHOTOS)

Tyler DiChiara (L); Oscar Morgan (C); Navia Robinson (R), 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

The CW brings viewers to Gotham in its newest superhero tale Gotham Knights. But rather than focus on the gloomy city’s heroes we know so well, the series brings the children of its most infamous names to the forefront.

Starring Supernatural alum Misha Collins as Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, the show kicks off with a dark premise: “Batman is dead, and a powder keg has ignited Gotham City without the Dark Knight to protect it,” the network teases. “In the wake of Bruce Wayne’s murder, his adopted son Turner Hayes is framed for his killing.”

The titular teens will have to fight to clear their names and protect all they hold dear. Here, the actors playing the not-so-merry band of avengers introduce their characters to TV Insider.

Gotham Knights, Series Premiere, Tuesday, March 14, 9/8c, The CW

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Oscar Morgan, 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan)

Adopted by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed, Turner has lived “a life of immense privilege [including] attending Gotham Academy — the city’s Hogwarts,” Oscar Morgan says. That’s until he’s framed for his dad’s murder along with three rough-hewn teens who don’t trust the rich kid.

Olivia Rose Keegan, 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan)

Believed to be the notorious Joker’s daughter, Duela “made sure to live up to her vicious reputation,” reveals Olivia Rose Keegan. As for being a Gotham City hero, “She isn’t intending to play savior for a city that has screwed her over since she was born.”

Fallon Smythe, 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

Harper Row (Fallon Smythe)

“To escape their abusive father, the brilliant engineer and her brother Cullen left home and lived on the street as petty thieves,” Fallon Smythe explains. She had hoped cracking Wayne’s safe would earn the siblings enough “to escape Gotham for good.” Now they have to uncover “who framed them [for his murder] and why.”

Tyler DiChiaria, 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

Cullen Row (Tyler DiChiara)

After two years of living rough, “Cullen is definitely underestimated,” says Tyler DiChiara about his caring trans character. “Our intent is to clear our names, but you’ll see that we have a knack for protecting Gotham.”

Navia Robinson, 'Gotham Knights'
Steve Wilkie/The CW

Carrie Kelley, aka the new Robin (Navia Robinson)

The role “is a balancing act between the natural vulnerability of Carrie’s teenage self and the strength manifested as a Batman-mentored vigilante,” says Navia Robinson. “Robin as a 15-year-old girl of color may be the exact version we need now.”