9 One Chicago Characters Who Should Cross Over Next Season

Meredith Jacobs
One Chicago Crossover Characters
Adrian Burrows/NBC; Matt Dinerstein/NBC; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

The first responders of Dick Wolf's NBC dramas in the Windy City seamlessly cross over throughout the year, even outside of the annual three-show events.

Fire's paramedics bring a patient in and firefighters have dropped by to help with an accident on MedP.D.'s Intelligence officers routinely stop by the hospital or 51 for a case. There have been romances across the show. (Fire's Mouch and P.D.'s Platt are one of the most stable couples in the One Chicago universe.)

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From One Chicago to 'SVU' to the 'FBI' show to the Stabler spinoff, there are plenty of characters to pick from.

With all three shows already renewed for three more seasons, that means there's plenty of time for more of those mini-crossovers that this world does so well. So scroll down for a look at the characters we'd like to see appear on another show next season. (Note: We're not including the obvious, aforementioned ones.)