7 Dick Wolf Crossovers We’d Like to See (PHOTOS)

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Dick Wolf Crossovers One Chicago FBI SVU
Adrian Burrows/NBC; Heidi Gutman/NBC; Elizabeth Fisher/CBS; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC
Stabler Spinoff Law Order SVU Crossover
Virginia Sherwood © NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection; Heidi Gutman/NBC

Untitled Stabler Show & Law & Order: SVU

This one seems inevitable. If Stabler is back with the NYPD, there is no way that a case won’t come up that leads to him crossing paths with his former partner and the squad.

OA FBI Chicago PD Crossover
Michael Parmelee/CBS; Matt Dinerstein/NBC

FBI's OA & Chicago P.D.

Now that OA has seen how Hailey works — and commented on Chicago PD in the news — why not have him head to her city for a case? He can see Intelligence in action and maybe even give the pizza a try and offer his opinion like Hailey did about New York’s.

Voight Chicago PD FBI Crossover
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC; Michael Parmelee/CBS

Chicago P.D.'s Voight & FBI

Voight sent Hailey to New York after she crossed another line, but as Spiridakos pointed out, Hailey’s arc is like seeing the sergeant before he became the man he is on P.D. Why not see what his relationship is like with the force he sent Hailey to? We’ve seen him working with SVU‘s Olivia, but it could be interesting to see how he, Isobel, and Jubal work together.

Chicago PD FBI Most Wanted Crossover
Parrish Lewis/NBC; Mark Schafer/CBS

Chicago P.D. & FBI: Most Wanted

It has to only be a matter of time before the Fugitive Task Force catches a case that leads them to Chicago — and to cross paths with Intelligence in the process.

Chicago PD Burgess Hailey SVU Crossover
Adrian Burrows/NBC; Heidi Gutman/NBC

Chicago P.D.'s Hailey and/or Burgess & Law & Order: SVU

We’ve already seen Erin work with Olivia and SVU, and Hailey just got a taste of New York for the first time. Hailey will be back in Chicago when the new season begins, but why not have a case bring her back? We’ve seen Burgess come a long way since the beginning of P.D., and we’d love to see what she can do away from Intelligence with the SVU squad.

Maggie FBI Law & Order SVU Crossover
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS; Heidi Gutman/NBC

FBI's Maggie & Law & Order: SVU

Maggie’s current undercover gig could always lead to her crossing paths with SVU for some reason. Or, once she returns, it would be quite easy for her — or even the entire show — and SVU to cross over. After all, they’re both located in New York, and all it would take is one connection during a case.

FBI Most Wanted One Chicago Crossover
Jeff Neumann/CBS; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC; Adrian Burrows/NBC; Matt Dinerstein/NBC

FBI: Most Wanted & One Chicago

It would be so easy for Most Wanted to be tracking a fugitive who just so happens to be an arsonist, bringing in Fire and then Med with the victims. And of course, P.D. could easily get involved during the investigation.

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When Dick Wolf‘s shows cross over, it almost always feels seamless.

One Chicago has pretty much perfected it. FBI and FBI: Most Wanted joined the game with the March 24 event. In Tuesday’s Season 2 finale of FBI, Chicago P.D.‘s Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) was assigned to the New York task force, and while she clearly does things differently, it worked.

Also on Tuesday, it was announced that Christopher Meloni is reprising his SVU role as Elliot Stabler for a new crime drama set in New York, bringing him back into the fold.

That’s why, in the gallery above, we’ve taken a look at other crossovers — some shows, some characters — we’d like to see in the future.

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