Yvette Nicole Brown Is Giving John Stamos ‘Tough Love’ on ‘Big Shot’ (VIDEO)

It’s true everyone loves John Stamos, who has been entertaining us since debuting on ABC’s General Hospital in the ’80s (check out our look back at Stamos’s TV career here) but on the new Disney+ series Big Shot, Stamos’ basketball coach Marvyn Korn is a bit tougher to love. Just ask the dean of Westbrook School for Girls, Sherilyn Thomas, played by Yvette Nicole Brown.

“I think Sherilyn Thomas is tough as nails when she needs to be, heart of gold always,” the Community alum tells TV Insider of her latest TV character. “She believes in these girls and she will not let anybody come in and disrupt the trajectory that they’re all in.. even if it’s TV’s John Stamos.” In fact, she adds, Korn gets the toughest love out of everyone, though as he slowly changes his not-so-gentle manner with players and people, she may let up just a bit.

Besides the combative scenes between Thomas and Korn, the show also focuses on the girl basketball players on Korn’s team and Brown says there’s a positive message there for young girls who watch the show. “I hope it says to them to believe in themselves [and] I hope it says to them that what they want out of life is valid,” she says.

In the meantime, as the freshman series airs weekly, we’ll hopefully find out more about Thomas and her life outside of school. And let’s hope she continues giving Korn a hard time!

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