The 7 Most Dramatic Moments In ‘RHONJ’ History (We’re Looking at You, Teresa)

Greg Endries/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and the February 17 premiere already had enough drama for the season thanks to a raging fight between pot-stirrer Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider.

This time around, Teresa chooses to bring up a wildly unfounded rumor about Jackie’s husband, Evan, cheating on her — and adding insult to injury, she does it at Evan’s big birthday bash. Cue the post-party meeting at a “neutral” spot, and the explosive back and forth.

We can’t say we didn’t expect some kind of (manufactured?) showdown. That’s why we tune in. Below, 7 more times the New Jersey ladies (OK, mostly Teresa) brought their A games to the screen.

Season 1: The Table Flip

We start off with the most iconic moment in RHONJ history. In the Season 1 finale, Teresa hosts a dinner party for friends and gets upset when Danielle Staub tells her to “pay attention.” How do you react in a situation like this? Flip the table on all of your guests, obviously.

Season 2: Country Club Chaos

After a blowout fight regarding the infamous table flip, Teresa chases Danielle through their country club because, of course. With a broken heel and tears running down her face, Danielle books it outside to hide in the bushes. We’re guessing the other country club members didn’t know what hit them.

Season 2: Andy Gets in on the Action

Oops, she does it again. In the Season 2 reunion episode, Teresa hits her breaking point when Danielle brings up Teresa’s family, and this time, host Andy Cohen gets roped in. When Teresa gets up and screams in Danielle’s face, Andy tries to hold Teresa back. Let’s just say, things didn’t go according to Andy’s plan, and he gets pushed by Teresa back into his chair. Let’s just say the man knows a successful TV moment when he has one, and keeps his cool.

Season 3: The Christening

A christening is supposed to be a momentous and special occasion. But with the Jersey ‘wives? Too much to ask. In Season 3, Joe and Melissa Gorga celebrate their baby’s christening, yet they feel like Joe’s sister Teresa is trying to steal the show. Everything blows up when Teresa congratulates them and they essentially tell her to get lost. Then Melissa’s sister tells her that she was only invited as a technicality. Yikes.

Season 5: Battle of the Joes

There’s little better then when the Jersey husbands get in on the fun. In Season 5, after Joe Gorga calls Teresa “scum,” her now former-husband Joe Giudice’s not too happy. When Guidice tries to get Gorga to apologize, Gorga charges at him. And what does Teresa do? She runs away. Same Teresa, same.

Season 9: A Big Splash

In Season 9, after Danielle’s husband, Marty Caffrey, tells Margaret Josephs and her husband Joe Benigno that Margaret emasculates Joe, the maligned copule decide to take matters into their own hands and toss Marty into the pool. Not only is this the type of reality-TV thing we live for, it was the birth of Margaret’s famous line, “Ya husband’s in the pool.”

Season 10: Shopping Spree Gone Wild

In Season 10, the housewives give salespeople at a boutique an experience they will never forget (no matter how hard they try). While shopping, Melissa gets upset with Danielle and decides to pour a bottle of water on her head. Danielle responds by dumping the contents of Melissa’s purse on the table. Stay classy, ladies!