The ‘Pennyworth’ Posse Spills Season 2 Tea — New Trailer Offers First Look (VIDEO)

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Hold our Batcalls, please. Because we have the Pennyworth panel from New York Comic Con to watch and it is full of scoops! First, take a look at the just-dropped trailer confirming Season 2’s December 13th premiere date.

Zooming in from the London set of Epix’s fantastically stylish and exciting origin story of DC Comics’ iconic doorman Alfred Pennyworth, exec producer Bruno Heller and stars Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge and Paloma Faith had plenty to share about the action-drama’s second season.

When we last saw the trio in Pennyworth’s crazy-creative alt-universe take on the Swingin’ Sixties, Bannon’s Alfie had just killed his own father to prevent the elder Pennyworth’s assassination attempt on the Queen; Aldridge’s CIA operative Thomas Wayne had been shot just as things were getting frisky with his No Name League agent Martha Kane (Emma Paetz); and Faith’s madcap killer Bet Sykes was locked up in the Tower of London with her sister Peggy (Polly Walker) and their disgraced Raven Society leader Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng).

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(Credit: Epix)

As reported earlier, we already know that the second season would include the pregnancy of Martha Kane, presumably by Thomas Wayne, but according to Aldridge, Thomas has someone else in his life the next time he and Martha reconnect. Way before any of that can be addressed, however, the whole crew will be dealing with the fact that, one year after the finale, Harwood has managed to escape prison, orchestrate a coup and now, as Heller puts it, “England is at war, essentially.”

Being a military vet, Alfred is not interested in reliving that hell, so, Bannon says “his main intention in Season 2 is to get some money together and go to America.” Still reeling from the murder of his first love Esme and the trauma of fatally shooting his own dad, escaping his demons may not be so easy. When he first read the scripts for the new season, Bannon notes that he “was very aware that this was a different Alfred” that we’ll be seeing.

And speaking of different, scene-stealer Faith hints that her badass, fist-throwing Bet will have a new outlet for her unhinged brutality as one of Harwood’s trusted allies. “Her loyalty has been rewarded by Lord Hardwood,” she notes, laughing at how we could be in for the scariest soldier imaginable. “She’s the sort of person who gets carried away in the uniform.”

During the chat, Heller exclusively revealed that Simon Manyonda (His Dark Materials) had been cast as Lucius Fox. The Wayne Enterprises staple, previously played by Chris Chalk on Gotham and Morgan Freeman in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, will arrive as a young American scientist who apparently suffers no fools. Depending on what side of right or wrong one is, Lucius (whose DC Comics-canon son Luke is currently sidekicking on Batwoman in the form of Camrus Johson) will fit into the world of Pennyworth “very strangely at first,” says Heller. “Because he’s working for the bad guys.”

simon manyonda jessica de gouw

Simon Manyonda and Jessica de Gouw (Credit: Courtesy of Epix)

Additionally, Jessica de Gouw (Arrow‘s Huntress) has signed on to play Melanie Troy, a military orphan who became a woman of the world far too young [and] married a dominating older man. Armed with her wry intelligence and a sardonic sense of humor, this one is no pushover and while her first meeting with Alfie is as the wife of his former SAS Captain, the two kindred spirits will have an immediate connection.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff covered in the panel, including what Aldridge and Bannon think about the still-tenuous bond between their characters, Baby Bruce’s possible paternity and what sort of pairing we could see as England slips further into chaos under Harwood’s control. Check it all out below and if you haven’t caught up on Pennyworth yet, go stream the hell out of it on the EpixNOW app or Amazon Prime Video.

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