’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Tell All Part 3: Fairytale Endings (RECAP)

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 18 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?]

The Tell All concludes with a few surprise announcements, from shocking elopements to surprise scheduled surgeries — although this marks the final 90 Day franchise appearance for makeover queen, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Host Shaun Robinson wraps up the season with her usual grace, and we’ll find out which couples (if any) truly are living a fairytale happily ever after.

Michael & Angela: One Wife, One Problem

Angela yells at Michael to define what he meant by having a baby “the other way.” He backs off, but she points out that he treats her differently in front of his aunt Lydia. “I’m in America! When Aunt Lydia for you to go screw another woman, she’s being disrespectful,” Angela shouts.

Lydia scolds Angela for speaking to Michael that way, and Angela shuts off her computer. Yet Skyla’s video is still on and picks up Angela’s screaming in their shared house. Michael clarifies to Shaun that “the other way” meant having a baby through IVF or adoption.

Angela and Michael, Season 5 Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Shaun then asks if anyone in Michael’s family had multiple wives, as per Nigerian custom. Michael’s father in fact had three wives, but Michael stresses he only wants to have one. “To me I see one wife is one problem, two wives is two problems, and so on, so it’s better just to stick to one,” he says. “I’ve experienced what it takes to have multiple wives. It’s not easy.”

Later, Lydia and Angela debate gender roles and wives being submissive. Tania, Elizabeth, and Kalani empathize with Angela but say that no woman should be forced to be submissive. “If you’re going to be an alpha male, go sign the f**king divorce papers already,” Angela firmly tells Michael.

Shaun asks where they should go from here in the conversation, and Angela snaps, “to the courthouse.” She then explains that she’s not willing to change and frankly shouldn’t have to.

Tania & Syngin: No Kids, Big Problem

Shaun brings in Tania and Syngin to share their own conversations around having children. Syngin still remains on the fence, citing the responsibility of a child. Tania meanwhile has stayed steadfast in her goals for a family. Then Syngin is put on the spot about whether he ever will want to have kids.

Tania and Syngin, Season 5 Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


“I don’t see myself having a child,” he states. She is understandably shocked after the back and forth. She also won’t wait years for him to decide.

Larissa & Eric: Pizza and Piranhas

Larissa says that she would want to have a child with Eric if they get married. Her immigration status is still pending, but she does have her work permit. Eric fake gets down on one knee, and the couple announce that they have plans to travel together to Brazil so Eric can meet Larissa’s family and three children.

Shaun brings up Eric’s meeting with Colt and subsequent sharing with mystery woman Nathalie. Shaun introduces Nathalie to the Tell All, and Nathalie describes how Eric “bashed” Larissa during their first meeting. “The fact that Larissa is right here sitting next to you defending you is heartbreaking,” Nathalie explains.

“Your mouth is like a toilet seat lid,” Eric responds in a purely middle school manner. “You were delivered to my parents’ house like a pizza.”

Eric and Larissa and Nathalie, Season 5 Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Larissa even slams Nathalie, even though they previously had a phone call in which Larissa thanked her for being honest. “You cannot do s**t, Nathalie,” Larissa yells. “You are nobody.”

“You have proven to the world that you are a dumba**, period,” Nathalie laughs. “You have proven to the world that you don’t care about yourself as a woman.”

Eric somewhat apologizes for speaking poorly about Larissa to Colt but also calls them “piranhas” that placed some spell on him. Shaun repeatedly asks Eric to say yes or no about whether he and Colt complained about Larissa. Eric says no.

Shaun asks why Larissa is with Eric now after everything, and she says her Catholic faith helps her believe in the power of forgiveness. But she will “never forgive” ex-husband Colt.

Jess & Colt: Surprise Wedding

Jess, on the other hand, explains that while she hasn’t fully forgiven Colt, she has definitely moved on. “Now, I found the man of my dreams,” she gushes. “Now I have a healthy relationship.”

Turns out that man of her dreams is in the same room as Jess, just out of sight of the camera lens. “Look at my upgrade!” Jess says as the man sits down next to her. Her new love is Brian, a very cute and shy guy who simply smiles beside her.

And then Jess makes a big announcement: “marry!” She shows off her ring and holds up a photo of her and Brian’s wedding day. Larissa and Colt are both shocked.

Jess Shows Off Her Wedding, Season 5 Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


“She got her Green Card,” Debbie chuckles.

Even Shaun is surprised. Turns out that Jess met Brian through Larissa’s friend and former roommate Carmen. Jess started dating Brian about four months after breaking up with Colt.

“We had to rush it because she lost her job, so I thought the best thing to do is to marry her to make sure we can keep growing our relationship,” Brian explains.

“So you two got married so you can stay in the United States?” Shaun asks.

Brian and Jess, Season 5 Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


“We were talking about getting married but not this fast,” Brian clarifies.

“Zero to sixty in three weeks,” Andrei points out.

Shaun asks Colt if he has any advice for Brian. “I must be the luckiest man alive because I because I dodged both these women and I’m free. I’m very happy,” Colt deadpans.

Looking Ahead

Shaun asks all of the couples what’s next for them. Larissa says that her American Dream is to support her children. Angela has some news of her own: She’ll be undergoing weight loss surgery to lose over a hundred pounds in three months. Michael did know and immediately says she shouldn’t do it because it’s too big of a health risk. “Baby, I love you for who you are,” he pleads.

“I want to do this for me,” Angela responds.

Separately, Kalani worries about the state of her marriage. “It changes every day,” she summarizes.

And while the fate of Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship remains to be seen, this is the end of the Tell All. Thankfully the couples, minus Eric and Larissa, will be returning for the new series, HEA: Strikes Back!