‘The Flash’ Season 7 Trailer: Iris Is Seeing Double, Plus More Trouble for the Team (VIDEO)

The Flash Season 7 Trailer
Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

The Flash isn’t returning with new episodes until 2021 — due to the coronavirus pandemic not only shutting down production last season but delaying it for the new one — but fans were in for a treat during its DC FanDome panel.

Showrunner Eric Wallace and stars Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash), Candice Patton (Iris West-Allen), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Frost), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon/Vibe), Danielle Nicolet (Cecile Horton), Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia), and Brandon McKnight (Chester P. Runk) were on hand to look back at Season 6, offer a peek at the black-and-white noir version of the episode “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” (on the Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD), and tease what’s to come. Plus, and most importantly, the panel debuted a trailer for Season 7!

Season 6 ended with Iris disappearing to somewhere unknown in the Mirrorverse and out in the real world, the villainous Eva (Efrat Dor) framing Sue (Natalie Dreyfuss) for the murder of her husband and walking around free.

The new footage in the video below was filmed prior to the shutdown in March; Wallace explained they had been on the last day of shooting Episode 20, which will become “partially the first episode of Season 7.” He added that fans should “pay attention to the way [the trailer’s] presented” because it contains spoilers since they’d known where they were heading for Season 7.

Eva has achieved her goal: the company is all hers, and Barry has lost his speed. So what’s next? “I have unfinished business and a whole world to liberate,” she says.

Meanwhile, Iris is seeing double, with the second version of herself “a product of your broken mind,” she says. This other Iris also taunts her: “This time, no one is coming to save you. Not your friends, not your husband. There’s only two options in this place: survival or madness.”

Watch the video below to see the latest threat to Central City (that Barry’s still not fast enough to stop because they have yet to build the artificial speed force), Cecile’s encounter with Ashley Rickards’ rogue Top (which could explain why Nicolet previewed “some shifts” coming for her character on the panel), and more.

When it comes to Barry’s speed, his character misses it, Gustin said during DC FanDome. “He feels he needs it back,” especially with Iris trapped and Eva a threat.

Patton teased that it’ll be “pretty soon” that Iris gets out of the Mirrorverse, but she’s interested to see how her experience there has affected her. (She’s also hoping for more of the “Charlie’s Angels reporter team” of Team Citizen in Season 7 after enjoying getting to explore the ace reporter side of her character.) She did offer hope to WestAllen fans: “They will find their way back to each other, eventually.”

That echoes what Wallace told TV Insider after the finale. “There’s going to be a happy ending [for Barry and Iris] whenever we get there,” he said, but teased, “you should be very worried about where [Iris] ended up because the question is, are there worse things than what we’ve seen so far in the Mirrorverse, and the answer is yes.”

The showrunner had also previously shared that some of what we’ll see in early Season 7 episodes (as originally planned for last spring) includes Cisco’s return from his mission in Atlantis, Tom Cavanagh’s Nash dealing with the other Harrison Wellses of other Earths in his head, finding a way to free Iris and other allies Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Singh (Patrick Sabongui) from the Mirrorverse, and building that artificial speed force.

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