‘The Flash’ Boss Offers Hope for Barry & Iris and Teases Season 7

The Flash Season 7 What's Next for Westallen
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The Flash, “Success Is Assured.”]

Life in the Mirrorverse got much, much worse for Iris (Candice Patton) in the final moments of the Flash Season 6 finale.

She’s been slowly acclimating to the Mirrorverse, and she was able to possibly narrow down Singh’s (Patrick Sabongui) location — only to then disappear to places unknown.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, despite Barry’s (Grant Gustin) best attempts, Eva (Efrat Dor) successfully killed her husband and framed Sue (Natalie Dreyfuss) for the evil deed. But in good news, that meant that Joe (Jesse L. Martin) was able to come back.

Here, executive producer Eric Wallace teases what would have come next and will now open up Season 7.

First we were worried about Iris being in the Mirrorverse, then her neural dissonance, and now it’s a question of what happened to her. How worried should we should be about where she is and how will all of this affect her going forward?

Eric Wallace: You should be very worried about where she ended up because the question is, are there worse things than what we’ve seen so far in the Mirrorverse, and the answer is yes. I understand that this is a cliffhanger that wasn’t planned this season. It was supposed to just be a weekly cliffhanger, and then we were supposed to find out exactly what happened and where Iris went in a week.

Candice Patton The Flash Season 6 Iris Mirrorverse

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Now, suddenly, fans of Barry and Iris are having to wait I don’t know how long. That’s hard. I would say to them, don’t worry, there’s going to be a happy ending whenever we get there. But it will affect Barry and Iris’ relationship going forward because even in happy endings, there’s an acknowledgement of the struggle that Iris had to go through all season. She’s going to emerge from this a changed and much stronger character.

The team was very much in the middle of an extreme marital squabble. Are Eva and Carver sort of the blueprint of what Barry and Iris shouldn’t do as they deal with this?

[Laughs] Yes, that’s a very good point. Never be like Joseph and Eva. They didn’t talk enough. Barry and Iris, even as we saw in “Liberation,” even with the Mirrorverse separating them, were able to somehow communicate. That’s a good marriage.

Eva’s still very much a threat, even though she does say she and Barry are on the same side. What can you say about her grand plan? She needed Bloodwork at one point; will we see any other villains from the past pop up?

I can’t talk too much about her grand plans. You are going to see one more villain from the past pop up in a very unexpected way as a part of Eva’s plan.

But for Eva, her problem is sometimes it’s dangerous when you get what you want. Eva got what she wanted, which is the killing of her husband, but she did not get what she needs, which is what she does not realize and what she’s going to find out the hard way.

Is framing Sue part of Eva’s plan or just a distraction for the team?

It’s a little bit of both. Without going into spoiler land, I can’t get much deeper than that.

Tom Cavanagh The Flash Season 6 Nash Wells

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The team has a couple major projects they’re working on right now — finding a way to free Iris, Kamilla, and Singh from the Mirrorverse and the artificial speed force.

That’s all the focus is in the first three episodes of next season now, and they are related.

It seems that Nash is the Harrison Wells we’re going to get from now on, but there’s still the matter of the Wellses in his head. What’s the plan for that going forward and how will we continue to see Nash dealing with it?

The answer to that would have been on next week. That is literally dealt with in what is now the season premiere. We have a big Nash Wells arc coming up that I think will expand upon the Wells mythology and give it not only some closure from the past but also take it in a very new and exciting direction.

Caitlin and Frost are heading off with their mother. Since production shut down, how is that storyline going to be affected? Will it be accelerated depending on Danielle Panabaker‘s availability?

No. We have a very specific plan in mind to bring Mom into the stories a little bit more in a fun way because in a sense, she has two daughters, which is kind of cool. What is that like for all three of them? We want to explore that. We’re just going to stay the course on that particular storyline, which will heat up in the first third of next season.

Joe is back! How’s he going to be handling Iris being in the Mirrorverse and being there for Barry?

Joe’s the rock of Team Flash. He’s the father figure to everyone, so he’s been taking it really tough. Having him back, which was something we wanted to make sure that happened at the end of last night’s season finale, gives the team a big boost of energy and a confidence that they need more than ever because they’re going to need everyone’s help in order to get Iris back, which, big surprise, obviously they will at some point.

Grant Gustin Jesse L Martin The Flash Season 6 Barry Joe

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How worried should we be about Singh possibly being at the hospital in the Mirrorverse?

That’s a spoiler. Tune in to the fall, hopefully, and we’ll answer that question. [Laughs]

Cisco’s off on his own mission in Atlantis. What’s coming up with that?

Cisco will be back for our season premiere, whenever that airs. The information that he picks up in Atlantis is critical to not only solving the mystery of the artificial speed force, but to everything, to bringing Team Flash closer together and obviously to help get Iris back. It’s another wonderful thing when we come back on the other side and he returns that fans will have to look forward to.

Bloodwork is still very much part of the picture. How big of an immediate concern is he for the team?

He’s not an immediate concern for the team at all. Eva just declared total victory, so she is the primary focus. They have to deal with that and get the artificial speed force up and running and get Iris back. That’s more than enough on their plate. Bloodwork is in the wind at the moment.

But he’ll pop up at the most inconvenient moment?

Oh, he always does. I’m just not saying when.

Allegra and Nash are finally getting along.

I know, we finally got there. It’s great because we’ll see in the new season them coming even closer together and then have some nice twists and turns in the relationship. It’s really great to see a father-daughter relationship finally get through the tough times because when we were writing that storyline, we always felt it was a single parent trying to deal with a teenager. It was really nice to tell those stories and to say, hey there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. Now we can build off that.

Carlos Valdes The Flash Season 6 Cisco Mission Atlantis

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Are there any other characters returning that you can tease?

We have a villain that we haven’t seen in many, many, many seasons returning at the top of next season, and that character may or may not play directly into Eva’s next level of her plans.

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