’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Tell All Part 1: The Perfect End (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4 Tell All, Part 1.]

In perhaps the most satisfying Tell All in Before the 90 Days history, host Shaun Robinson guides the couples through a Zoom conference call following last week’s finale. It’s an explosive ending to a fantastic season⁠—but don’t worry, there’s even more Monday night, too. We’re just getting started.

Quarantine Glam

Each cast member is shown getting ready for the Tell All, giving a glimpse into their quarantined lives. “Who doesn’t like to shine like a diamond? I sure do,” Darcey coos as she prepares in her Connecticut home.

Darcey_Before the 90 Days_TLC


A rugged Nottingham-based Tom makes the first dig by saying Darcey can sometimes “be the sweetest woman in the world,” but other times being with her is like “living with the Devil.” Usman similarly wants some insight on how American women behave.

Soon the couples are logged on, ready to speak with Shaun in a Brady Bunch-esque format. In a surprise turn, Geoffrey and Varya are not partaking, presumably due to the fan backlash at his initial casting.

Yolanda also shares that she was in an induced coma with a ventilator in December, and it is now believed that she had COVID-19. Thankfully she has made a full recovery.

Avery & Ash: Not So Merry-Go-Round

Shaun points out that Avery and Ash were supposed to be quarantining together. Instead, they have called it quits entirely. Avery explains that she had hoped for a respite to understand their next steps, whereas Ash opted for a clean break. “He lied to my face,” she stresses.

“If that person is really committed, we will work things out without taking a break,” he states. “How many breaks do you need to take to decide what you want to do?”

Avery does admit that her “feelings were fading,” which Shaun calls a “knife in the heart.” Shaun asks if Avery believes Ash is fake, and she basically agrees without actually saying it. Even Ash admits it too.

Avery + Ash_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“I wasn’t authentic with you because you’ve run away 10 times,” he explains. Then why not cut it off before she traveled to Australia? Why even be fake with her in the first place?

Avery responds that there were just too many red flags with him, even from the beginning like deleting his photos with her from his Instagram. Ash flusters. “Oh my gosh, you’re lying straight to my face again,” she laughs. There’s some weird talk of diets, white lies, and other millennial nonsense but overall, it’s better they’re not together. Ash even has that fake smug chuckle like Jesse Meester. Bye bye, Ash. Avery, you’re better off.

Ash says that he still loves Avery and even was going to propose at one point. She in turn says that she doesn’t know what will happen in the future. It seems like they’ll be on the same merry-go-round for a while.

Ed & Rosemarie: Big Bombshells

Rosemarie requested a translator to be involved when speaking with Ed during the Tell All because she wants to precisely articulate her anger. Ed says that he’s already confused why she’s angry. Apparently Rosemarie tried to rekindle their relationship after he returned to San Diego, California. But of course there is a dispute over the logistics of who reached out first. “There’s no stopping him,” she says.

Ed responds that he can easily show the text messages and starts rattling off dates. She apparently wanted him to return to the Philippines, plus send her a Valentine’s Day present. “I was ready to go back until I went on Facebook and I see a picture of her holding a watch….This is her and her girlfriend,” Ed states.

“Ok what is going on?” Shaun asks what we’re all wondering. Ed explains that Rosemarie is apparently in a relationship with a woman. There is a long pause and a commercial break before she responds.

Rosemarie_Before the 90 Days_TLC


“For now, no. Before, after the break with Ed,” Rosemarie says. She calls her girlfriend “an attempt” to move on from Ed, but he says that he never knew she was bisexual.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. You can love whoever you want, but I didn’t know that,” he states. Rosemarie stresses that she is no longer dating that woman, though. Ed says that after Rosemarie and the girlfriend had broken up, she began sending Ed sexy selfies and asking to get back together. She refuses to acknowledge this happened, and he just starts laughing.

Ed’s daughter Tiffany also joins the Zoom call. She says it was hurtful to hear that Ed would have once again sacrificed their relationship after Rosemarie reached out to get back together in February. “I want to see my dad happy. I want to see him with somebody and not alone, but I can’t support it,” Tiffany confesses about Ed and Rosemarie. “There’s a huge age gap there and they don’t have much in common.”

Tiffany_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Ed calls himself “stupid” and blames being in love with Rosemarie for his actions. “I know it was a mistake, and I’ve learned my lesson,” he concludes.

Tiffany then turns to Rosemarie and asks if she ever did love Ed. “To be honest from what I’ve seen, it didn’t really seem like it,” Tiffany questions. Rosemarie says there was a lot not seen on the show and she put up with a lot from Ed while he was in the Philippines. Tiffany stands by her father and presses Rosemarie for what she’s referencing.

“He had a trap for me,” Rosemarie responds, even saying that Ed requested a “sex video call” with her. Apparently he offered to pay her to get naked on camera for him.

“How do you make this up? How do you come up with these ideas, are you kidding me?” Ed angrily says. So where actually lies the truth here?

Shaun continues with the social media backlash Ed received after speaking out on Rosemarie’s hygiene and requesting she take a STD test. “Do you think it was rude for you to ask Rose to do those things?”

“I screwed it up. I take responsibility for that…I had a right to ask but the way I did it was not the right way to go,” Ed fairly states.

Rosemarie starts crying. “I can’t accept your apologies,” she wails.

And then Darcey jumps in randomly, protecting Rosemarie, and just asks Ed to stop talking. “She’s a queen in my eyes,” Darcey applauds Rosemarie, who has quickly stopped crying. Darcey says that Ed’s apology is not coming across as genuine. “I’m protecting people that have big hearts,” she fights back.

Ed + Rosemarie_Before the 90 Days_TLC


It’s clear Ed and Rosemarie definitely were one of the most talked-about couples of the season, and every cast member has an opinion on their relationship. Avery brings a therapist tone to the conversation, before Lisa continues with her rougher edge. “Why is Rose saying that you used her? Because it looks like you did use that poor soul,” she presses Ed. “For you to say the s**t that you said to that woman, no American woman would ever put up with it…You’ve cut your own throat with the American women.”

Ed claps back saying that Lisa should never have bragged about having unprotected sex with Usman. Both Lisa and Usman were tested though prior to meeting. Tom brings up the cleanliness of Rosemarie’s home, and Ed explains once again how he was fearful of the rats and uncomfortable sleeping and showering with Rosemarie’s father.

They wrap up with Ed apologizing that it didn’t work out with Rosemarie, but he still wishes her the best. In contrast, she says there’s nothing she likes about him. “My feelings were sincere,” Ed solemnly says.

Yolanda & Williams: Grilling the Catfish

Shaun asks how Yolanda and Williams first connected. She set up her Instagram account to catalog her weight loss journey, and he sent her a direct message. His respectfulness and good looks resonated with her, which sprouted into her one-sided romance with him.

Ironically, David says that Yolanda was “asking for a scam” by connecting with Williams on social media. Hilarious David, hilarious. At least Yolanda didn’t spend thousands of dollars just to talk to Williams.

Yolanda’s daughter Karra joins the conversation before Scott, the private investigator Karra hired, phones in. “I wouldn’t say there were red flags. I would say there were more of red banners” Scott says with a slight smile. “There were a lot of things that Yolanda brought up that just didn’t make sense to me in this day and age.” He cites the lack of FaceTiming, plus the amount of time Yolanda spent messaging Williams. In his professional opinion, Scott points out that blackmail or identity theft were high-risks for this situation. He “highly doubts” that Williams’ excuses were valid.

Yolanda_Before the 90 Days_TLC


The final investigation into Williams concludes that the social media accounts were based in Nigeria and Williams also was involved in past scams. Usman throws his two cents into the situation, saying that Nigerian scammers typically do not engage with a target for very long. Scott reinforces that he is not guessing the scammers’ ethnicity, just that the location of the account was in Nigeria.

Tom also points out that Williams’ accent from the call was definitely not British. Yolanda even jokes that he sounded like Usman. They all laugh, but Usman clarifies that Williams’ voice does not sound Nigerian either. Lisa also shares her expertise in “yahoo boys” and that she apparently was also an attempted target of scammers.

Scott concludes that Williams was most likely not a real person or even a real name. Shaun asks Yolanda to call Williams, and Usman jokes that his phone will start ringing. Of course Williams doesn’t answer when Yolanda calls through the Hangouts app.

She finally admits that Williams is a scammer, however if he was to call her again, she probably would still be in love with him. “I miss him, I do,” Yolanda says, while her daughter Karra just says to let it go.

Stephanie & Erika: Done For Good

Stephanie confirms that she and Erika are still broken up, but they have been trying to establish a friendship. The radiant Erika says that Stephanie shattering the bowl in their hotel room was (no pun intended) the breaking point of their relationship.

Looking back on their arguments, Stephanie points out that Erika having the dating app on her phone made it seem like she was hiding something. Erika provides context and says Stephanie was the one who actually had flirtatious Instagram messages on her phone. Stephanie starts getting into a fight right on Zoom before host Shaun steps in.

Erika_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Erika’s friend Jessica also provides some insight, stating that Stephanie and Erika are just very different people. Two of Stephanie’s friends disagree, saying that Erika is the one at fault for having an intimate relationship with her friend Adam. Stephanie’s friends try to take on Erika, with her best friend Heather saying “f**k you” to Erika because she’s “Italian” so she can’t control herself. Um, OK.

Shaun brings up the issue of intimacy between Erika and Stephanie and that social media posts have accused Stephanie of “playing a role” and not actually being bisexual. “It’s really hurtful because I feel like this is a pattern in my life where I date people and I get attacked for not being a certain way,” she sidesteps. “I begin to feel like there’s something defective about you…I know I’m bisexual, it’s not something I need to prove to anybody.”

Stephanie_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Erika’s friend Jessica says she believes Stephanie thought of Erika as a close friend and was not actually in love with her. Stephanie responds by leaning once again on her illness, saying that’s a large origin of her insecurity. Erika’s friend points out the large discrepancy between Stephanie’s lingerie-clad YouTube videos and her in-person conservative persona.

“Did you post on social media that you had worked in a strip club?” Shaun questions Stephanie.

“In my early 20s, I moved to Los Angeles and I was broke and I had nobody to turn to, so I did end up dancing for a period of time. And it messes you up. So after I stopped working there it changed the way that I am,” she explains. “I thought Erika had watched more of my videos than she had, so I thought that maybe she knew about some of these things about me….Just get to know me.”

Good thing it’s very easy to find Stephanie’s real videos.

Stephanie attacks Erika, calling her a narcissist, egotistical, and a self-centered “child.” Erika, on the verge of tears, simply says that Stephanie is once again playing the victim card and they can “absolutely not” be friends. Stephanie disagrees, hoping that they can be “friends from afar.” Well, not if you treat her this way, Stephanie. “I was barely able to express myself…I just want this all to be over,” Erika cries.

Erika is so far beyond Stephanie and her friends. Erika, you are a treasure and a class act and this nonsense is thankfully wrapped up.

Darcey & Tom: “I’m Not Here to Be Taken Advantage Of”

Tom feels a “bit of regret” over how things were handled with Darcey. He even says she’s “looking good” right now. Overall, she chalks up their failed relationship to miscommunication.

“I think maybe Darcey needed more of me and me not being able to give that, changed her concept of how things were a little bit and it became more dramatic,” Tom sums up.

Yolanda and Lisa were rooting for them. Darcey’s twin Stacey, her friend Reina, and Reina’s vomit emoji props are brought into the conversation.

The timeline of when Tom met his new girlfriend Shannon (don’t worry, they are also already broken up) is debated. He stands by the fact that he met Shannon in Milan during Fashion Week, but he and Darcey were still talking at that time. “Why didn’t you tell me you were with a different girl, five days after my birthday? The story doesn’t add up, Tom!” Darcey scolds him. “Come on man, don’t string me along. I’m 45, I deserve better.”

Tom + Darcey_Before the 90 Days_TLC


The goddess that is Shaun slams Tom for calling himself an English gentleman while asking if Darcey has “put weight on.” Tom apologizes, but Darcey just flexes her revenge body.

He acknowledges that when he went to New York, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to break up with her. But he was already dating Shannon. “I felt very much led on for a very long time,” Darcey heartbreakingly cries. “It’s just wrong.”

She was always on the back burner for Tom, and he still has the audacity to blame her for not making up with her in New York. “Sounds like a two-timer,” Stacey accurately quips. Tom is adamant though that he did love Darcey.

Darcey_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Shannon also declined to join the Tell All, but she sent a note: apparently Tom told her in Milan that he was single and Darcey was also dating someone else. Shannon graciously wishes them both the best, and it’s clear that Tom is the one at fault here.

Avery and Tom apparently had separate drama outside of the show, and Tom threatens to leave the Tell All if Avery is present. “This is complete and utter bulls**t,” Tom huffs as he turns off his camera.

And here’s the shocker: Tom allegedly tried to date Avery via Instagram after her breakup with Ash was made public. A snake is always a snake, it seems.


David hasn’t spoken to Lana in almost a week, and her profile remains active on the dating sites. Ed says that David “was a job” for Lana, and David screams before walking away. Avery and Lisa get into it, and Ed scolds Lisa for treating Usman “like a little goat.” And Usman was talking to a porn star?

Ed_Before the 90 Days_TLC


Should Tell Alls strictly be on Zoom moving forward? Because this is golden. It all continues tomorrow night, and we can’t wait.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell All Part 2, Monday, June 8, 8/7c, TLC