Chris Harrison Says Peter Weber’s Family Was ‘Splintered’ in ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Peter Weber Parents

Peter Weber’s mother Barbara Weber shocked Bachelor fans on Tuesday, March 10 after she revealed on national television that she doesn’t believe her son’s relationship with Madison Prewett will last.

Not only did she disapprove of Peter’s decision, she clearly rolled her eyes when Madison was on camera and even explained why she wasn’t a fan of the 23-year-old at all.

Needless to say, host Chris Harrison was shocked to witness what transpired during the finale and revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he did not expect things to be that tense.

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“I thought there was going to be a ‘but,’” Chris said, explaining he thought Barb would share her reservations but ultimately give Madison a chance.

“Instead, it just went deeper off the cliff, and I was shocked. I was sad. I was disappointed in the whole thing, to be honest. Going with my gut instinct in the room, I felt terrible. I felt terrible. And it wasn’t anything I could fix.”


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Chris then revealed he believes Barb should’ve kept her opinions to herself and let Peter make his own decisions, as she’s now reportedly done more harm to her family than good.

“Look, if [Peter’s] going to be with [Madison], and they’re going to break up, which is what you’re predicting, then so be it,” Chris explained.

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“Let them go break up! Who is hurt by this? The only harm done last night was this family being splintered last night on my show, and I hated it.”

To make matters even wore, according to Reality Steve, Barbara ripped into the producers following the show, as she’s reportedly blaming them for orchestrating Peter’s reunion with Madison.

“I’ve heard rumors last night was even worse than what went down on TV. I was told Barbara ripped into production post-show,” Steve wrote.


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“She’s putting the blame on them for Peter getting back together with Madison.”

All in all, it looks like Peter and his family are going to have to do a whole lot of healing before he can move forward with a relationship with Madison.