‘The Bachelor’ Finale Part 2: Peter Gets His Happy Ending But Barb Isn’t Happy (RECAP)

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The Bachelor

Season Finale Part 2

Season 24 • Episode 12

Peter Weber‘s journey is finally coming to a close, and during Part 1 of The Bachelor season finale, America watched as the 28-year-old pilot got his heart broken by finalist Madison Prewett. But according to Chris Harrison, Madi’s departure doesn’t mean she’s gone for good. What happens when Peter and Madison reunite? Read on to find out…

Part 2 of The Bachelor finale kicks off with Peter meeting with Neil Lane to choose a ring for Hannah Ann, the final woman left standing at this point. She’s the only one who doesn’t know that she’s the only contestant left, and it’s taking a serious toll on her. In fact, she seems to be getting more and more insecure thinking about Peter ending up with Madison.

“Everything in me wants to put up my guard and tap out,” she says. And her insecurities apparently get the best of her. We cut to proposal time and Peter is left standing alone. Chris Harrison shows up to tell him that Hannah Ann isn’t coming. “Does she know that Madison isn’t here?” Peter asks. Well, no… of course she doesn’t. Because you didn’t tell her, bud. “I feel like I’m gonna pass out,” he says. “It’s like, the last thing I needed to hear right now.”

But fear not, bud. Moments later, Chris gives Peter an update — apparently Hannah had a change of heart and is coming. Sigh…

When Peter sees her, he becomes overwhelmed with emotion. He tells her how much he’s loved and appreciated her throughout this entire journey. “I’ve cherished every single moment I’ve been able to spend with you. I know I told you I was falling for you and I told you that my heart was being torn in two different directions and now I have to follow my heart,” he says before sharing that Madison had already left days ago. “You are one of a kind. My heart chooses you forever. I love you, Hannah Ann and the love you’ve shown me is all I’ve ever wanted and I never want to let you go.”

The Bachelor Part 2 finale

He puts a Neil Lane ring on her finger and HOORAY, they’re engaged. What could go wrong, right? RIGHT?

So Peter returns from Australia and first thing’s first — he has to give his family, aka the Hannah Ann fan club, the update on who he’s chosen. So Peter (aka BUD!!!!!) walks through the door and the tears immediately start flowing. I swear, they must be chopping onions around Barb 24/7 because this woman doesn’t quit.


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“I listened to everything you guys said but it’s been tough,” he tells the family, who is literally BRACING FOR IMPACT upon waiting to hear the news. “I knew that at the end of the day if I followed by heart, you guys would back me up and be happy for me.”

He proceeds to tell them that he’s engaged to Hannah Ann and Barb bursts out into even more tears. “We love her so much. We love her! We love her!” she says. “I’m so happy!” So thankfully, he’s got the girl, the family’s approval… all should be good.

We briefly cut to the live segment of the show and Chris Harrison welcomes Peter out to talk about how things have been going. Off the bat, he admits that his feelings for Madison didn’t just disappear when he got engaged to Hannah Ann.

Back to the show, we see Peter sitting down with Hannah Ann back in Los Angeles, a month after not seeing one another. They immediately start discussing the issues they’ve struggled with over the past several weeks aka Peter’s unresolved feelings for Madison. “It kills me to put you through this and see you give everything and have me be where I’m at,” he says.

“When I said yes to you, I said yes to a partnership. And I said yes to us being teammates and working together,” Hannah replies. “If you can’t give me that love in return that’s not a relationship. I told you I would stay by your side even if it killed me.”

Ultimately, Peter reveals that he can’t give Hannah Ann his entire heart and she breaks down, telling him that he robbed her of her first engagement. “I’m so sorry for taking that away from you, for confusing you,” he tells her. “I swear to God I never envisioned ever being here. I would’ve never done that to either of us.”

“I can’t even look at you,” she says. “You’ve done enough damage.” Peter walks her out to the car that’s waiting for her and she refuses to even acknowledge him as he says goodbye. She simply puts her hand up and shuts the door. Talk to the hand, bud.

Back in the studio, Hannah Ann and Peter reunite for the first time and it’s clear the model still holds resentment. She immediately calls him out for saying certain things to her in an effort to keep her hanging onto their relationship. “You told me things that kept me with you even after our breakup you reached out to my parents,” she says. She goes on to tell him that he purposely downplayed his feelings for Madison and she said yes to an engagement that was based on lies.

“I had no time to grieve that like a normal person does,” he tells her, defending himself for not being more open about his feelings for Madison. He wasn’t willing to let Hannah Ann go during their proposal so in an effort to not lose her, he got down on one knee.


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But she saves the ultimate bomb for the very end of the segment, when she reveals that Peter not only had unresolved feelings for Madison, but also Hannah Brown. She tells him while sitting on stage in front of a live studio audience that he wanted to reach out to Hannah B. for closure after their engagement. WHAT IS GOING ON?

But this isn’t where Peter’s story ends. Chris Harrison took it upon himself to go to Alabama to speak with Madison prior to the live taping — and apparently Peter had no idea. We cut to the footage of Chris and Madison, and they rehash everything that’s happened. Madi admits she hasn’t been eating or sleeping, and regrets leaving the show. Chris tells her that Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann, but that they are no longer together — and that the pilot ultimately ended his engagement for her.

“I know that I fell in love with him and those feelings have not gone away but I don’t know where his head is at or what’s going on with his mind right now. I guess this is just a little confusing to me,” she says. “If we had a second chance at this, I’d take it in a heartbeat.”

As this is airing, we see footage of Barb live in the studio. She can’t even crack a smile at the news of her son reuniting with Madison.


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Peter and Madi briefly reunite in LA. “I made a million and one mistakes but like I know that I fell in love with you,” he tells her. “I haven’t just fallen out of love with you.”

And tonight, live in the studio, Madison and Peter reunite once again after not seeing each other in weeks. They reveal that they still are in love with one another and are interested in exploring a relationship, taking things day by day.

Chris Harrison asks Barb how she feels about this last minute change up and the woman does NOT hold back. She proceeds to call Madison out for things that occurred back in Australia, including how she made the family wait for three hours after they traveled out of the country just to meet her. That paired with the fact that Madison refused to admit she was in love with Peter at the time gave Barb a bad first impression of her.

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And it doesn’t look like her negative feelings about Madison are going to change. Peter begs his mom and family to give Madison another chance but Barb proceeds to announce on live television that she doesn’t think they will last as a couple. “I think he needs to fail to succeed,” she says, to the audience’s shock. Peter’s dad also chimes in, adding that their relationship has been too difficult from the very beginning to work. YIKES.

But to segue to some good news, Chris brings out new Bachelorette Clare Crawley, who touches on how excited she is to hand out the roses next. She says despite Peter’s rocky season, she’s confident that she’ll be able to find the right guy — especially since she has a no-nonsense approach to love. Chris brings up her season with Juan Pablo Galavis, and she remembers their disastrous break up, calling it the “most empowering moment of her life.

“I think it’s moments like that, as hard as they are to go through, it’s times like that just build your character and I would not change that moment for anything,” she says. “It meant a lot just because I had been through some pretty terrible relationships. I was the girl that let guys walk all over me and I never stood up for myself ever before and it was just one of the greatest moments of my life to finally stand up there and say none of it is ok. Not just to him, but to every guy who’s ever hurt me before. It’s just, no more.”

We’ll get to see Clare’s journey unfold in May 2020, so until then!