‘Supernatural’ EP Teases a ‘Complete & Satisfying Journey’ With the Winchesters

Supernatural Season 15 Final Episodes Preview

With just nine episodes to go to close out 15 crowd-pleasing seasons, Supernatural isn’t resting on its monster-hunting laurels.

Going gently into that demon-filled night is not an option for the horror show with a wink, which returns March 16 on its new night, Monday. As exec producer Andrew Dabb puts it: “Once you’ve had God as your bad guy, it’s hard to go bigger than that.”

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Here’s what to expect as heroes Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) fight to save the universe one last time.

Supernatural Season 15 Sam Dean Castiel Jack

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The brothers’ plan to take the power back from the Deity (Rob Benedict), aka Chuck, gets a boost when half-angel Jack (Alexander Calvert) returns from Death’s territory saying he “might have a way to kill God,” Dabb says. “That gives them hope — a light at the end of the tunnel. Even in the face of doom, Sam and Dean keep fighting. That’s what makes them heroes. It’s the theme for the back half of the season.”

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Though the ultimate battle dominates, look for some fun stand-alone episodes, including one delving into the history of the Men of Letters and their iconic bunker. “We’ll finally get an explanation about the vintage telescope!” Dabb promises.

Plus: A Castiel-centric episode shows us the world through the angel’s (Misha Collins) eyes, and young Sam (Christian Michael Cooper) and Dean (Paxton Singleton) return at a “formative moment in their evolution,” Dabb says. Lots more fan favorites, including Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and her wayward sisterhood of hunters, pop up too.

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As for how it all ends, Dabb offers one hope: “That the fans come away from the finale feeling like they’ve had a full, complete and satisfying journey with these characters.”

Supernatural, Final Season Returns, Monday, March 16, 8/7c, The CW