First Look at Sutton Foster on ‘A Million Little Things’ as Eric’s Fiancée Chloe (PHOTO)

Jason Ritter and Sutton Foster in A Million Little Things taking a selfie
ABC/Jack Rowand

After the first two episodes of A Million Little Things in 2020, we have some big questions about Eric (Jason Ritter). And maybe his dead fiancée can give them to us?

Sutton Foster is guest starring as Chloe in Episode 12 of Season 2, “Guilty,” airing February 6, and TV Insider has an exclusive first look at her with Eric — on a motorcycle, which could be the prelude to a tragic event.

As fans will recall, Eric told Maggie (Allison Miller) in the fourth episode that he’d lost his fiancée. “It was right after we got engaged. I took her on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend, and we rented a motorcycle. I was driving,” he said. “Sometimes I just think if we hadn’t gone on that trip, if I had made a different choice..”

He’d also told Maggie that “grief has a way of making people do crazy things. Trust me.” Could that explain why he’s said he has Maggie’s brother’s heart while the end of the winter premiere revealed he doesn’t have a scar on his chest like he should? Will we find out why there’s a wrongful death suit against him from Chloe’s family? Might what look to be flashbacks with Chloe tell us all we need to know about how much we can and can’t trust what Eric has said? (We’ll assume that Chloe did like music, whereas he mistook the lyrics “breaking up is hard to do” as being from a song from Grease.)

Sutton Foster A Million Little Things

ABC/Jack Rowand

“[One of the messages] I love in the show is just when you think you know someone, you don’t,” executive producer DJ Nash told TV Insider. “The purpose of Chloe in our show is to do that for Eric. You’ll learn stuff about him and his story that will make you feel a bunch of different things about Eric.”

In “Guilty,” Gary (James Roday) confronts his past, while Maggie finally talks to Eric. (Could it be about their kiss?) Meanwhile, Regina’s (Christina Moses) adoption news causes tension for her already complex relationship with her mother.

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