‘A Million Little Things’ Winter Premiere Promo: Who Is Arrested? (VIDEO)

ABC/Robert Trachtenberg

A Million Little Things is kicking off 2020 with more crazy moments.

To celebrate the new year, ABC released a preview of the new surprises to come. Not only will the group of friends (and their children) have to deal with the fallout of the fall finale surprises, but someone’s ending up in serious trouble when the series returns on January 23.

The drama ended 2019 with Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) agreeing with what Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Park) wanted: to come clean with the kids about Charlie’s paternity. Sophie (Lizzy Greene) did not react well. (Just ask Eddie’s guitars.)

Meanwhile, Gary (James Roday) and Maggie (Allison Miller) broke up, and it looks like his friends may be rallying around him in the promo. “You pushed her away,” Delilah says. Is there hope for Gary and Maggie?

“The next episode picks up three months later, when the gang all knows, when Maggie is free to date Eric if she wants or free to pursue someone else and Gary’s free to date countless women in Boston, or maybe they find each other,” executive producer DJ Nash told TV Insider. “Where the friend group is is hopefully where our fan base is, which is understanding why they’re not together but hoping they get back together.”

But perhaps what we should be focusing on is Gary confronting Eric (Jason Ritter) about whatever he’s hiding — and whether their fight is what leads to someone being arrested. Watch the preview below to see what happens.

In the fall finale, we saw Eric on the phone with someone and learned he, like the rest of the characters on this show, is hiding something. “Who he’s talking to and what he’s talking about come out in early episodes when we’re back,” Nash teased. “The big thing, whether it’s his feelings for Maggie or something else, reveals itself in our next episode.”

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