Max Is Willing to Put His Career on the Line for Helen on 'New Amsterdam' (VIDEO)

What's keeping Helen (Freema Agyeman) at New Amsterdam now that she's no longer co-chair of the oncology department or deputy medical director? She's not sure, but Max (Ryan Eggold) isn't about to let her go.

In fact, he's willing to do whatever it takes to fight her demotion in TV Insider's exclusive sneak peek at the New Amsterdam winter premiere, "Code Silver."

"I'm going to fix this," he promises her, but she informs him that appealing to the board wouldn't do any good. The vote was unanimous. In fact, she considers herself "lucky" that she still has a job.

Max wouldn't let that happen and even offers to let Brantley demote him, too, if she doesn't reinstate Helen immediately. But that's not what she needs from him. Watch the sneak peek above to see the rest of this emotional conversation.

(Karolina Wojtasik/NBC)

At the end of the fall finale, inmates from Rikers Island brought their conflict to the hospital. "Max and Sharpe are together for a lot of the [winter premiere] and they are going to be dealing with their relationship going forward while under the threat of these inmates because of Sharpe's demotion," executive producer David Schulner previewed.

"Sharpe is questioning whether she should even be at New Amsterdam, so Max and Sharpe's relationship is already fraught because of what Brantley did to Sharpe, and now the prisoners are going to really put their relationship to the test," he added.

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