Watch Max’s First Encounter With Helen in ‘New Amsterdam’ Digital Series (VIDEO)

New Amsterdam digital series

Missing Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and the rest of the doctors of New Amsterdam? You’re in luck.

NBC is giving the medical drama fans a treat for the holidays with New Amsterdam: Day 1, a six-episode digital series about Max’s first day at work, and in TV Insider’s exclusive first look, he tries out a version of his mantra, “How can I help?”

As he struggles to perfect his speech and find the “hook, that one line that sums everything up,” Ella has a suggestion (and his coffee order). But he’s distracted when he notices a man looking lost and walks over to help him. Watch the video below to see the early version of his mantra and how he crosses paths with Helen (Freema Agyeman).

The digital series introduces the staff through short vignettes. They offer a look at the hopes and struggles of the soon-to-be Dam Fam and show how a life can change in a split second — and when least expected. New Amsterdam: Day 1 takes place the morning of the pilot and is available now exclusively on the NBC App.

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New Amsterdam Season 2 resumes on Tuesday, January 14, with the conclusion of the fall finale cliffhanger. “Everyone’s going to be in trouble. One of our doctors becomes physically injured from one of the inmates,” executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider. “Max and Sharpe are together for a lot of the episode and they are going to be dealing with their relationship going forward while under the threat of these inmates because of Sharpe’s demotion.”

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