‘Married at First Sight’: 14 Key Moments From ‘Are You Committed?’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 9, Episode 10, “Are You Committed?”]

Married at First Sight‘s ninth season is over halfway through and in this week’s installment of the reality hit, the couples were asked to take part in a show first —revealing whether they’re committed to their unions or not.

In the installment titled “Are You Committed?” the four pairs spoke to the experts about their progress within the first four weeks of marriage and whether or not they see it moving on beyond decision day at Week 8. While there was no shortage of drama, you’ll have to read on to find out who committed and whether or not anyone didn’t, but beware of spoilers ahead.

Flaws to Look Past

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At the beginning of the episode, Greg meets one of his close friends to chat about married life and when his friend asks how things are going, Greg wishes aloud that Deonna was more open about her emotions. Greg’s friend then asks if that will be a deal breaker if Deonna never opens up about it, and Greg answered honestly when he said it was.

Awkward Roll of the Dice

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In an effort to make Iris more comfortable about growing their intimacy, Keith and his new bride played a dice-involved game. Things took an awkward turn when the dice landed on specific things that Iris wasn’t okay with such as the pair of “Touch” and “Boobs.”

Missing Matt

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After last week’s improvement, it appeared as if Matt and Amber were on an upswing in their young relationship, but once again Matt was MIA for two nights causing Amber to break down in tears.

Realizations About Self

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Deonna sat down to chat with Dr. Viviana Coles about her and Greg’s marriage, and as the expert attempted to get Deonna to open up, the newlywed admitted she was guilty of not showing enough when it comes to her emotions. As a means of communication and commitment, Deonna promised to work on this part of herself since Greg would appreciate a better understanding of his wife.

Where Have You Been?

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During the expert sessions, Matt sat down with Pastor Calvin Roberson who immediately questioned him about his absence at home. While Matt played it off, it was clear Roberson wasn’t messing around when he called the retired ball player a terrible husband. It is even questioned whether Matt might have another woman on the side besides Amber.


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In Keith’s session, he revealed his concerns over Iris’ virginity and being nervous about pushing too far when it comes to that situation. He questions his wife’s sexual maturity and explains that it’s a quality that he usually looks for in a partner.

Lost in Translation

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Iris on the other hand was nervous about not being open enough with her husband and Dr. Coles gave her some tips on increasing their intimacy. The expert also told Iris to stop referring to her virginity as something that can be taken. Ultimately, both her and Keith want to stay committed through decision day and beyond.

The Last Straw?

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In Elizabeth’s expert session, she discusses the argument fans last saw between her and Jamie in which he supposedly called her materialistic among other things. In the end the argument came back to their volatile nature and disagreements about how much sex is too much or too little.

Shred of Hope

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Jamie, despite his walk out in the previous episode, confirmed that he has strong feelings for Elizabeth and wants to stay committed, but needs assurance that they won’t have big blowouts like they’ve recently been a part of. Is that easier said than done though?

Weapon-Free Zone

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One point emphasized by Pastor Roberson is the concept that marriages aren’t a battleground, and so there should never be any metaphorical or physical weapons coming into play.

Heart to Heart

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After their sessions with experts, Greg and Deonna opened up to each other with him sharing how his personal background as the son of a single-mother impacted the way he treats women. Deonna also shared that her walls were up because of the pain she suffered from her last major breakup.

Meeting in the Middle Sorta

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Amber confronted Matt after their separate sessions and she requested certain things out of him such as keeping to a curfew that is already late, a few texts a day and improved actions to prove his commitment. It will remain to be seen if he can stick to his word or if it’s just a false promise.

Common Ground

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Jamie and Elizabeth finally face each other after days apart, and while things began a bit rocky when their conversation starts, they set some rules and boundaries to help improve their situation. Will it stick?

Leaps and Bounds

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At the end of the episode, Iris made an effort based on Dr. Coles’ advice and brought edible body paint into the mix as she played an intimate game with Keith. Will this be the beginning of a deeper connection? Tune into Married at First Sight on Lifetime.

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