Why Is Hannah Brown on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6?

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We’ve been seeing a lot of familiar faces on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, but one face we didn’t expect to see was Hannah Brown.

The former Bachelorette makes an appearance on the beach in an upcoming episode and we can’t help but wonder why.

In the preview clip, Hannah arrives and sits down with Demi who appears visibly distraught. “Everything will change,” Chris Harrison says in a voiceover.


So, why is Hannah on Paradise? Is she looking for another shot at love after her Bachelorette journey went south? Well, there are a couple of theories…

Hannah shows up to hand out a date card

Hey, it’s happened before.

During Season 3, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert show up with a date card to hand out to one lucky couple. Since Hannah is so fresh off of her Bachelorette stint, producers know that fans would be excited to see her, so even a brief cameo like handing out a date card would be a fun change of pace.

She’s there to give advice

In the premiere episode, Demi told Hannah about her girlfriend back home, and in the last couple of episodes, we’ve seen Demi struggle with her conflicting feelings for Derek. Could Hannah be returning to give Demi advice about her love interest?

Later in the preview, we see Demi telling Derek, “I just want to be honest with you about everything, I’m so confused.” We also see Demi walking out of Paradise with someone asking, “Wait, are you leaving?”

Hannah brings Demi’s girlfriend to Paradise

We all know that Demi’s girlfriend is going to arrive at some point (thanks to the extended trailer), but when? Since Hannah knows about Demi’s history with this mystery woman back home, could she be showing up to tell Demi that she’s brought a special surprise with her? That could explain why we see Demi walking out of Paradise as well — she may not actually be leaving, but going outside to greet her girlfriend.

Hannah *is* Demi’s girlfriend

Now this is the least likely theory, but it’s been floating around Twitter so I’ll throw it on the list. There are quite a few fans out there that think that Hannah is in fact Demi’s secret girlfriend and she’s showing up to be with her. It would certainly be a shocking turn of events, but highly unlikely.

When Demi came out to Hannah about her girlfriend, Hannah seemed genuinely surprised. That would be really awkward to later find out that the conversation was entirely scripted to throw viewers off. Also, Bachelor in Paradise was filmed in June, and at that time, Hannah was engaged to (or about to split from) Jed Wyatt.

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