Everything We Learned About ‘The 100’ at Unity Days 2019 in Vancouver

The Dark Year
Robert Falconer/The CW

Last week, after a weekend of offering fans fun, excitement and the chance to meet the actors who portray their favorite characters, The 100’s Unity Days convention concluded — possibly for the final time — in Vancouver.

Though it was sad to see the convention end, there were plenty of happy moments to bridge the coming months until the show returns for its sixth season on April 30. Panels kept fans laughing with fun games for the cast, but also provided plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes stories about what it’s like to film the show.

Read on for a few interesting tidbits from filming Season 5 and earlier:

Eliza Taylor had to practice screaming for her big scene in the premiere. After confiding in a friend that she was nervous about needing to scream for the scene where Clarke nearly commits suicide in “Eden,” her friend told her to go out to his car and use it as a practice venue. Taylor said she remembers being in a parked car, in the middle of the street, screaming the same way she later would as Clarke.

Paige Turco pretty much invented the effects of Abby’s pills. Though many in fandom had assumed Abby developed a painkiller addiction — and they wouldn’t necessarily have been wrong, given that Abby started out taking them for headaches — Turco wasn’t given much guidance as to what the pills did. During one of her panels she said showrunner Jason Rothenberg told her they were “sci-fi pills,” and she ended up making many of the decisions regarding how they affected Abby.

Lindsey Morgan was nervous about the scene where Abby uses the shock collar on Raven. In response to a question about acting challenges during Season 5, Morgan mentioned that heartbreaking moment. She said she remembered not sleeping because of that scene.

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Fans of “Memori” and “Kabby” got some disappointing news. No, to our knowledge no one’s breaking up! But fans certainly weren’t elated to hear that the sex scenes for their favorite couples were originally longer, or cut completely. Apparently Kane and Abby’s scene in Polis during Season 4 was quite a bit longer, and according to Luisa D’Oliveira, Murphy and Emori have had some scenes cut.

Abby has a “delinquent son.” Not biologically, of course! But Paige Turco talked a bit about Abby’s relationship with Murphy, and she said Abby saw through Murphy’s fear. She said Abby thinks of Murphy as her delinquent son.

Eliza Taylor wants to steal a special something from set. In response to a fan question about whether the new planet sets meant the actors could take mementos from the old sets, Taylor said she hasn’t lifted any souvenirs, so to speak. But if she could, she’d want the original drawing she did of Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa — the one where she drew Lexa with a monocle.

As predicted, information about the mysterious Season 6 was hard to come by — but not impossible to find. During panels, actors let a couple of hints slip about what’s to come for their characters and the relationships fans love to root for during the show’s next episodes. Here’s a few tidbits we learned about Season 6 at Unity Days:

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Echo’s backstory is coming. Though we’re not sure when or how, Tasya Teles said during one of her panels that we’d learn more about Echo’s past in Season 6.

Don’t be too worried about “Mackson.” To some extent everyone deserves some worry on this show, but the fan-favorite pairing of Miller and Jackson just might be okay. Sachin Sahel couldn’t say much about their storyline next season, but he did confirm that Miller and Jackson “are together and in love.”

More Jackson! According to Sahel, we’ll be seeing more of Dr. Griffin’s assistant in Season 6 — and not just in the background saying “Abby!” Taylor chimed in on the subject of more screentime for Jackson and added, “It’s about time.”

To check out photos from the event, visit the convention’s Facebook page. May we meet again, The 100 fans!

The 100, The CW, April 30.