Unity Days Convention Invites ‘The 100’ Fans to Vancouver

Bettina Strauss/The CW

If you’ve ever wanted to visit ALIE’s City of Light — and meet some of the cast of The CW’s sci-fi hit The 100 while you’re at it — there’s no need to take a chip that promises an immunity from all pain but also makes you a mindless zombie!

Unity Events Canada is hosting its third and final The 100 convention next month from January 4-6 in Vancouver (also known as the show’s gorgeous-but-deadly City of Light), which is aptly called “Unity Days.” (Fans will remember the holiday celebrated on the Ark during the show’s first season, for which the con is named).

The location allows fans to explore downtown Vancouver, which is where plenty of scenes from the show’s third season were filmed; think the majority of the Season 3 finale after Clarke takes the chip, and the stairs where she sees Lexa again after the powerful commander’s death.

Of course, the only — and for many, major — benefit offered by the convention isn’t its location. Unity Days boasts a healthy lineup of main cast from the show who’ll be available for autographs, photo ops and selfies. Attending show talent includes Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Paige Turco (Abby Griffin), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Luisa D’Olivera (Emori), Lola Flanery (Madi), Sachin Sahel (Eric Jackson) and more “bonus guests” like Tasya Teles (Echo) and Chelsey Reist (Harper), among others who’ll also be around for the weekend.

Unfortunately, admission passes for the convention are currently sold out. But if you’re not able to attend, there’s yet another benefit that works to the advantage of all fans — not just the ones who were able to snag passes. Cast members current and past will be doing panels throughout the weekend, which typically offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the show. They also share some interesting stories about characters and filming (this year, there will even be a panel about the show’s props).

In years past, these panels have also revealed tidbits of information about the upcoming season. It remains to be seen whether cast members will stay tight-lipped about Season 6, given that the show recently ventured to an entirely new planet. But it’s possible they’ll give fans a few hints about what’s to come — hints that’ll hopefully fuel speculation until the trailer is released.

Since these panels are typically live-tweeted by both fans and press, even those who couldn’t attend will be able to “experience” the panels and, in theory, have access to any new information that comes out regarding the next season.

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For a fan of The 100, Unity Days has it all; the location, the chance to interact with fellow fans and cast members and the opportunity to hear exciting stories about one of their favorite shows. (And for fans of Riverdale, the convention organizers have you covered, too — they’ll be hosting “Sweetriver Con” in November).