‘The 100’ Season 6: Behind the Scenes With Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor & the Cast (PHOTOS)

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The 100 BtS split
Jason Rothenberg/Instagram (2); Tasya Teles/Instagram
Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Jason Rothenberg posted this photo of the earliest concept art for the Sanctum compound.

Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Those who have watched the Season 6 episodes that have aired so far will recognize these skeletons from a certain room in Sanctum.

Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

“First day shooting at the Sanctum set during the Season 6 Premiere,” Rothenberg wrote in the caption of this photo from the set.

Tasya Teles/Instagram

Tasya Teles posted this photo of the cast from the Season 6 premiere on the day it aired.

Tasya Teles
Tasya Teles/Instagram

Teles posted this photo with the caption, “M’ladies..! first da together enjoying our new home” of the cast on one of the new Season 6 sets.

Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Another look at Sanctum reveals “they have a castle with bubble chairs,” Rothenberg wrote in the caption of this behind-the-scenes photo.

Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Rothenberg posted this photo of Marie Avgeropoulos from set with the caption, “For those who are bummed I skipped #2 in the COUNTDOWN” to the premiere, “trust me the pic was not worthy” of her. “This one is.”

Untitled design (1)
Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Rothenberg counted down to the premiere with various photos, including these that also highlight some of the Season 6 sets.

Untitled design (2)
Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

Rothenberg counted down to the premiere with various photos, including these of the actors on set.

Untitled design
Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

“Making tv can be fun,” Rothenberg captioned the first photo of Lindsey Morgan and Ivana Milicevic.

He followed it up with “and sometimes it’s not” alongside the second image of Morgan.

Jason Rothenberg/Instagram

“In chains and in character, even when it’s EJ’s close up,” Rothenberg wrote alongside a photo from behind-the-scenes of the second episode of the season. “One of the many reasons why we love @richardsharmon.”

The CW/Instagram

“Love this pic so much that I‘m borrowing it,” Rothenberg wrote alongside this photo.

J.R. Bourne/Instagram

“Remain calm like this one as we start the journey of facing our demons!” J.R. Bourne wrote in the caption of this photo of Richard Harmon prior to the Season 6 premiere.

elizajaneface instagram 1

“On set chillin with the boos,” wrote star Eliza Taylor alongside a photo with Luisa D’Oliveira and Richard Harmon

THE100 jarod joseph
Jarod Joseph/Instagram

Jarod Joseph shared this photo captioned, “Happy Birthday Mama #The100” addressed to costar Bob Morley.

JRothenbergTV twitter 1

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg shared this snap, as he quipped that Harmon and d’Oliveira were “running lines telepathically”

THE100 sachin sahel
Sachin Sahel/Instagram

“HEDAing into Christmas break like…” Sachin Sahel captioned this photo of him with costar Lola Flanery.

JRothenbergTV twitter 7

“The new world doesn’t stand a chance!” wrote Rothenberg when he posted this group shot of d’Oliveira, Jordan Bolger, Sachin Sahel, Jarod Joseph and Richard Harmon

JRothenbergTV twitter 6

Stars Taylor and Bob Morley said “welcome to the new world” with this shot from Rothenberg

JRothenbergTV twitter 5

This silly shot of Taylor and Tasya Teles was captioned by Rothenberg, “Hey you two, the fasten seatbelt sign is illuminated. Please return to your seats”

JRothenbergTV twitter 2

Taylor and Teles visited Rothenberg’s “alien beach”

taysateles instagram 2

Teles shared this photo on her Instagram profile. She captioned the image, “New planet. Same Rain. #the100season6”

JRothenbergTV twitter 4

“You eat or you die!” Rothenberg joked with this photo of stars Marie Avgeropoulos and Paige Turco

JRothenbergTV twitter 3

Rothenberg followed the previous photo up with this shot. “PS… this was their first instinct,” he wrote

Lola Flanery instagram 1

“She’s such a character!” star Lola Flanery noted of her character Madi alongside this Instagram photo

Lola Flanery instagram 2

Flanery also shared this image with stunt double Cassandra Ebner

Tasya Teles

Teles struck this pose in the make up trailer

Lola Flanery twitter 1

Flanery enjoyed a warm beverage on set

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Eager to see what happens behind the scenes of The 100? These photos are sure to quench the thirstiest of fans with a look at what went into making Season 6.

We’re already well into the season, and you may be able to enjoy some of these images a bit more now that you’ve seen a few episodes and know the dark secret of Sanctum. So click through the photos above to see the cast, including favorites like Bellamy (Bob Morley), Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), and Raven (Lindsey Morgan), on set when they weren’t filming the new episodes.

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