What We Learned From the ‘Lucifer’ Bonus Episodes — Plus, Fans React


It’s been a bumpy ride for fans of Fox’s canceled series, Lucifer, but the May 28 bonus episodes, “Boo Normal” and “Once Upon a Time,” helped a little bit.

These episodes, originally intended for Season 4, featured Ella (Aimee Garcia) as a primary character and also demonstrated alternate realities for Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Chloe (Lauren German), and the gang. There was plenty to digest over the two-hour run-time. Kicking things off, “Boo Normal” revealed that Ella has been hiding a big secret — she can talk to ghosts.

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Kevin Alejandro Breaks Down the 'Lucifer' Episode We Almost Never Saw

At least someone at Fox realized that they should do something for the fans.

When her friend, Ray-Ray (Charlyne Yi), showed up during one of her cases, Ella had to confront this partial truth about her. What makes it partial, you ask? While Ella thought Ray-Ray was a ghost friend from her past, she’s, in fact, Azrael, sister to Lucifer. This realization came towards the end of the episode, but Ella and Lucifer’s shared bond between Ray-Ray/Azrael prevented Ella from choosing to move back to Detroit to be with her family.

Then, there was “Once Upon a Time,” where the beloved cast of characters were shown leading different lives, though their paths still intertwined. Chloe was no longer an LAPD detective but an actress that plays a cop on TV. Meanwhile, Lucifer had his sights set on Vegas. In this unusual episode, the world fans have come to know was a little off kilter, but the narrator who identified himself as God (voiced by Neil Gaiman), made it so that Lucifer and Chloe still headed down similar paths by the episode’s end.

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Two special episodes of the canceled Fox show will air on May 28.

All of this had viewers wondering, could Lucifer continue? These bonus episodes certainly introduced some interesting elements that could be explored in a potential Season 4. The alternate reality in particular is a plot device that could make for an interesting arc if Lucifer were to be picked up by another network.

Since these bonus episodes were supposed to be part of the fourth season before its cancellation, the series should have plenty of material to move forward with. As fans continue to campaign to #SaveLucifer, see what they had to say about the bonus episodes below.