Will Lorenzo Come Between Malec? Shadowhunters’ Javier Muñoz Weighs In

Shadowhunters - Javier Munoz as Lorenzo Rey
Freeform/Ian Watson
Javier Munoz as Lorenzo Rey in Shadowhunters.

There’s a new High Warlock in town and he’s going to cause some trouble for our favorite Shadowhunters couple, Magnus and Alec (aka, Malec).

We meet Lorenzo Rey (Javier Muñoz, fresh from his Broadway run in Hamilton) in Tuesday’s episode, and while there are already plenty of baddies in the Shadowhunters world, Lorenzo is bringing his own brand of mischief and fun to the mix.

But what about Magnus and Alec? What is his relationship (and history) like with previous High Warlock, Magnus Bane (Harry Shum, Jr.)? What does he think of Alec (Matthew Daddario) once they meet? Where does his sexuality fall?

Muñoz answered some of those questions while chatting with TV Insider about what’s to come for his new character on the Freeform show. Plus, he reacts to those diehard Shadowhunters fans out there, and much more.

What have you learned about the fandom for this show since you first got involved? You’re in the thick of things now!

Javier Muñoz: I’m really in the thick of it. From the moment it was announced through now, they’ve been so wonderful. The energy from them on social media and the excitement that they come with… their posts are not just endearing, they are also hilarious. And the fan art is out of this world. There’s an equivalency there to Hamilton fandom, right? I love interacting with that but there’s a greater investment in the fans of Shadowhunters. I understand because I’m also a fan of the show. It’s that energy of watching the show and feeling so positively represented.

Let’s talk about Lorenzo! How would you describe him?

He is powerful. He is definitely a powerful warlock. He has worked his way up to the top. He has earned everything that he’s achieved the hard way. And he’s a little spoiled. [Laughs] There’s a tongue-in-cheek comedic energy about him that comes from that. He likes the finer things in life and he’s a little snooty in that way and how that gets portrayed is going to make people laugh.

There’s also a long, long history there between he and Magnus. And because of that, he has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Magnus. There’s a lot of resentment there and there’s a lot going on between them but it’s not unjustified.

Safe to say we’ll learn what some of those things are between them in the course of your episodes?

You definitely will, yes.

Harry Shum Jr and Javier Muñoz in Shadowhunters.

What is Lorenzo’s first impression of Alec?

Let’s just say that Lorenzo is as much of a thorn in Alec’s side as he is in Magnus’. And I don’t think that Lorenzo thinks much of anything or anyone but Lorenzo.

Can we expect Lorenzo to get in the way of Magnus and Alec in some fashion?

We can expect him to agitate. I’ll leave it at that. Without getting into detail, he just is an agitator.

Lorenzo is a pretty serious guy when we meet him but is there a lighter side that we’ll see?

Yes. When you first meet Lorenzo, the root of the character is going to be very serious and dark and he is not a nice guy. What they let me play with was adding that levity, that light that you’re talking about. Because eventually his sarcasm comes out and his wit comes out and he gets tongue-in-cheek and he does become someone you enjoy even though he’s the bad guy. And they really let me play around with that and it also plays wonderfully against Magnus and against Alec. The scenes there between these characters are dark and heavy and serious and they’re also kind of ridiculous. That’s why I keep saying you’re gonna love to hate him.

This is important question: What is your relationship to your ponytail? I’m guessing that’s coming from Hamilton, right?

[Laughs] I started production in the middle of last year on Shadowhunters and I was still in Hamilton so I couldn’t cut my hair. The negotiation was they left the ponytail but you’ll see there’s a patch of hair in the back of Lorenzo’s head that’s been sort of trimmed down. It’s a little stylish ponytail. It was all we could do to negotiate but we had to do something different for Lorenzo. I gotta tell you, though, when production is over, I am cutting this ponytail off. It is gonna be the most satisfying haircut I’ve ever gotten in my life.

That could make a good Instagram story, you cutting your ponytail.

It totally is! It’s totally gonna be there. You know it.

We know the show does deal with different sexuality because Magnus is bisexual and Alec is gay. Do we know where Lorenzo’s bread is buttered, so to speak? Does that come up at all in these episodes?

Let’s just say that it’s present. I don’t want to give anything away. I want it to be something that fans get to discover as the season goes on. It’s present, but by no means is his sexuality at the forefront of the character.

Harry Shum Jr., Javier Munoz, Matthew Daddario

What has been your biggest challenge so far in playing Lorenzo?

I think for me, it’s less about the character and more about being a stage actor. I’ve had film and TV experience on my journey but this is my first recurring role. In theater, the character’s already written, it’s on the pages. And it’s about filling that character with a life and taking it off of the page.

With Lorenzo, I don’t know what’s coming. I get the script and I read it and I’m like, ‘Oh, we’re going in that direction.’ It’s really fascinating as an experience to develop a character episode by episode, and not actually know where it’s headed—but sort of have a goal in mind. I have a say, where Lorenzo is headed, it’s pretty extraordinary. It’s something new for me that I’ve never experienced!

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