Will ‘Shadowhunters’ Alum Emeraude Toubia Find Romance in ‘With Love’? (VIDEO)

Romance is very much in the air this holiday season—heck, it’s even in the title of the new Prime Video comedy With Love. The series follows the single Diaz siblings, Lily (Shadowhunters Emeraude Toubia) and Jorge Jr. (Ugly Betty‘s Mark Indelicato), as they seek love through five episodes, each centered around a different holiday. In the premiere: Christmas!

While Jorge connects with the bisexual Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Lily finds herself in a love triangle with hunky roommate Nick (Desmond Chiam) and a new acquaintance, Santiago (Rome Flynn, How to Get Away With Murder).

In talking to Toubia, Chiam, and Flynn, TV Insider found out more about the characters and their quest to find their person. “[Lily’s] a hopeless romantic,” explains Toubia. “She’s on a mission to find her real love because she just broke up with her perfect-on-paper boyfriend. She makes so many wrong decisions—and don’t we all?”

Lily hooks up with the often-shirtless Nick, who starts out with a reputation—he’s even been called a slut. “It isn’t selling him short since Nick is a 16-year-old party boy when you meet him in Episode 1,” Chaim says. That changes when he starts spending more time with Lily. “It’s a weird match,” Chaim continues. “It helps bring out a certain part of him that he’s never considered before.”

Santiago is in a very different place in his life after a family tragedy just before the holidays. “We have Santiago start at this point of turmoil in losing his mom,” Flynn says. “It also highlights this dynamic of being best friends with his father.” While Santiago and Lily initially have several near-misses in terms of actually meeting, of course that will change!

With Love is from executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellet (One Day at a Time), who appears as well. The series also stars Todd Grinnell, Isis King, Benito Martinez, and Constance Marie. To watch the interview with Toubia, Chiam and Flynn, check out the video above.

With Love, Series Premiere, Friday, December 17, Prime Video