‘GLOW’ Scene Stealer Kate Nash: ‘It’s the Dream Job I Didn’t Know Was My Dream Job’

Glow - Alison Brie
Kate Nash and Alison Brie

Scene Stealer: Kate Nash

SHE PLAYS Gorgeous lady wrestler Rhonda, who is sweet and dim in real life but becomes “Britannica, the smartest woman in the world” in the ring. “Britannica has a psychotic teacher vibe,” says Nash (left, with Alison Brie), a successful singer-songwriter in her native Britain. “She wants to inspire girls to use their brains, so she creates this geek who’s supposed to be beating people with the power of knowledge, like physically beating them.”

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN HER GLOW is Nash’s first series. And though you may not have seen her before, you’ve probably heard her. Her songs “Foundations,” “Do-Wah-Doo,” “Merry Happy” and “Kiss That Grrrl” have played in several films and TV shows, including Bridesmaids, Grey’s Anatomy and Community.

WHY WE LOVE HER Rhonda is pretty, dumb and unabashedly sleeping with her director, Sam (Marc Maron). But Nash avoids making her a standard vixen. “People prejudge her,” Nash says. “They think she’s stupid and a bitch because she’s sex­ually confident.” Rhonda has many qualities Nash admires: “She is unaware what other people think, which frees her to be herself completely. I wish I could be like that.”

A STONE-COLD STUNNER “GLOW is the dream job I didn’t know was my dream job,” says Nash, who took to wrestling immediately. “It gave me a relationship with my body I’d never had. I felt empowered. As an actress, you’re usually worried about how good your body looks. I worried about looking like a good wrestler.” Her favorite move? The front bump. “I love taking one,” she says. “It’s a really raw slam to your whole body that shakes everything out of you.”

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