’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Andrei Faces Deportation Fears (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 8 “Under Pressure.”]

No couple is safe from turmoil on this week’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? — but, for the one couple we’ve followed the longest, the latest trouble could spell an end to living in the United States altogether! Read on to see what happened with each pair in Episode 8.

Elizabeth and Andrei

After four years of bureaucracy, Andrei still hasn’t been granted a green card, and he really thinks someone in his wife’s family has been whispering to officials about his case. While cameras weren’t permitted into their interview, we see tense scenes with Libby and Andrei both before and after the appointment.

As they exit and get into the car, they’re just as nervous as before: Andrei’s green card still hasn’t been approved yet, but hasn’t been outright rejected. The couple practiced answering some questions about each other that they thought they’d be asked, but inadvertently gave different answers about when they met that could cause concern.

Libby is resolved to go to Moldova with Andrei if he needs to leave, but she is sad that their daughter Ellie won’t know any of her family in Florida. “F**k your family!” Andrei screams. He threatens to sue anyone he finds out is interfering in the case and is still resigned to the possibility of deportation.

“If it’s game over, it’s game over,” he says.

Big Ed and Liz


The blowout from the brawl at Big Ed and Liz’s engagement party continues, as Liz walks away alone. Big Ed is as angry as he is worried about her safety, yet he gets a ride home without her. Producers catch up to Liz and offer her a ride home, which she accepts, venting along the way. She admits that she threw her ring somewhere in the grass and it’s gone.

Back home, Big Ed suggests to Liz that she go with her grandparents. “Whatever, you got jealous over someone who is attracted to me,” she says. “Are you a lesbian?” he asks Liz, point blank. She asserts that she is only attracted to men, but he also never comes to bed to cuddle or do anything with her.

Big Ed tells her to sleep off her drunkenness “if you want a chance in hell” to stay engaged to him. “I don’t need a chance in hell,” she fires back. “I’m already guaranteed a one way ticket toward hell, Ed!”

He asks where her $13,000 ring is and she says in some bush somewhere, which sets him off even more. “You threw a $13,000 ring in a bush? You’re dumb! You’re not getting anything in my life, you’re out!”

“I know that I’m innocent in this, and you are insecure. If you want me to leave, I’m gone tomorrow,” Liz says, slamming a door behind her.

Kimberly and Usman


The couple are on their way to meet with Usman’s older siblings and mother to seek their blessing to marry Kimberly, and they decide to bring a cow as a present. Usman still hasn’t told Kimberly that his family is unlikely to approve of their union, and she has a sliver of hope.

“Aside from fighting in Operation Desert Storm, this is probably gonna be the most nerve-wracking experience of my life,” Kimberly says in an interview. “I’m kinda going in there with a cow, like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ No plan.”

Kimberly doesn’t understand what Usman’s mother Fadimatu and his brothers and sisters are saying, but Fadimatu’s upset face when she meets Kimberly says it all. “He has married a white woman before,” Fadimatu says to her kids. “There was an issue between them and they separated. They could not produce a child.”

Mohammed, the eldest brother, tells him in English, “This time around, I don’t think we can support this issue.” Kimberly asks to speak, but no one gives her the floor.

“It’s clumsy for you to keep presenting these kinds of women who have no hopes of producing children,” Fadimatu says to Usman.

Bilal and Shaeeda


Shaeeda receives news from the fertility doctor that she finds devastating: Her egg count is low, and he recommends that she and Bilal try to conceive within the next six months for the best shot at a successful pregnancy.

The doctor senses that Bilal still isn’t ready to start and suggests that the couple get on the same page. “If we don’t get pregnant spontaneously in six months, we can look at other options,” he tells them.

“I felt like I heard him say that I could never have children,” Shaeeda admits to the cameras. Time is of the essence, and they must start now, she says. “If Bilal is not willing, that is definitely going to be a deal breaker in our relationship.”

Jenny and Sumit


After their Kama Sutra-focused yoga class, Jenny and Sumit went back to their hotel to practice the techniques, but a doctor needed to be called after Jenny sat on top of Sumit “and broke my stomach,” he says in an interview, calling the injury a “navel displacement.”

“I’m not calling you fat, like, I’m calling myself little skinny,” he jokes.

The honeymoon is over, and they leave Rishikesh to drive home. Sumit says he wants to stop and check in on his parents on the way, because they haven’t been checking up on him and he wants to keep trying to win them back. “They cannot live without me and I cannot live without them. I feel like if I don’t try then they will start hating you,” Sumit tells Jenny.

“They already do hate me,” she replies.

Back at home, they go shopping for cleaning supplies. Jenny wants a vacuum cleaner, but Sumit explains that it’s not only more economical to have a broom, but his parents will also judge her if they have a vacuum and think their house is still dirty. “Jenny needs to forget American housekeeping and learn Indian housekeeping,” Sumit tells the cameras.

“Sumit has completely lost his mind,” she says in her own sit-down. “He can go and talk to his parents, but I don’t want any part of it. This is not the married life I expected.”

Jovi and Yara


Jovi is about to leave for three weeks of work on the road, and Yara finally agrees to wait for him to come back before traveling with their daughter Mylah to Europe to see her mom in the Czech Republic and help her friends and family who are still in Ukraine.

Two weeks later, Jovi’s mom Gwen, Yara and Mylah go to a crafting store to catch up and spend time together. Yara expects to get her green card in the mail any day now, and she tells Gwen she will be traveling as soon as that happens.

Gwen wants to know why Yara wants to bring Mylah so close to where there’s a war, and she says, “because her other grandma need to see her.”

“I want them to see each other, but the timing is terrible,” Gwen says to the cameras. “I wouldn’t want them to be that close. It just scares me.”

“You’re being selfish right now,” Yara says. “You didn’t think about my mom.”

“Jovi goes to work all the time,” she laments in an interview. “When he’s gone, does it really matter where I am?”

Angela and Michael


Angela’s friend Rene convinces her to stay in Nigeria for at least one more day to have a talk with Michael before she goes home. She doesn’t want Angela to think of all the what ifs rather than get some resolution. Angela is resolved to go straight to her lawyer’s office, file for divorce and pull the K-1 spousal visa application when she lands in Georgia.

Angela dresses up in a backless number to have drinks with Michael. “At least he can see what he’s going to miss,” she says.

“I’ve never been so angry in my life,” Michael says in an interview.

Once they’re together, Angela orders three shots and a Heineken to settle in for battle. She insists that he take his Instagram page down and demands his phone. She tells him to put his phone in her purse, which he does, taking the purse away. “I’m not here to fight, I’m here to make peace,” he says.

“F**k you, I’m getting on my plane!” she yells, walking off.

Next Time

Jovi and Yara arrive in the Czech Republic, and Yara admits to her mom that she may not want to go back to America. Bilal’s mom and sister question him and Shaeeda about what they’ve been doing since the wedding, and when Shaeeda says they’re hopefully working on a family, Bilal says, “We have a family.”

Sumit is going to see his family and hopes that they’ve calmed down and will accept him the way they did before he married Jenny. Angela returns to talk to Michael, who brings up her TikTok duets with another guy. “I think we both make mistake, but she makes me look like a bad guy. It’s sickening,” Michael says.

Liz says Big Ed told her he’d rather sleep with her friend than her, but he claims he was drunk and doesn’t remember. “It’s not okay!” she yells.

Kimberly refuses to be Usman’s second wife and if she has to leave Nigeria as a single woman, that’s what she’ll do. “If we broke up, do you think I have anything to regret?” Usman snaps. “My DM is full with young beautiful rich ladies, so who is losing?”

Ouch! Can any of these couples find peaceful ground? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

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