‘90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Big Ed & Liz’s Engagement Party Ends in Brawl (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 7]

Several relationships seem to be facing questions following the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Can the couples work it out before it’s too late? Here’s what happened in episode 7.

Big Ed and Liz

The couple’s engagement party is happening tonight, and Liz is getting her makeup done. Her grandparents, friends and co-workers are planning to be there, and her mother Patty has driven down to San Diego from Los Angeles. Big Ed’s mom and sister didn’t respond to the invitation, and he’s not expecting any friends to be there.

Still, Liz is excited to “show people that Ed and I are in love, and what we have is real.” She’s chosen a white dress for the party, and hopes people don’t think that means there will be s surprise wedding. Above all, she’s hoping that there’s no drama.

“I’m not dealing with drama, so you will be escorted out if I have to deal with that,” she says.

The party seems to be going well, even when Big Ed puts his foot in his mouth, like when he greets Patty by calling her “Mommy” and then says, “I probably shouldn’t say ‘Mommy,’ she’s younger than I am!”

Patty shares her concerns and suspicions about this relationship, but she ultimately wants Liz to be happy, which really touches Liz, since Patty wasn’t able to raise her like her grandparents did.

“I’m very shocked to have her blessing,” Liz tells the cameras.

What happens next is even more shocking, but we don’t get to see it on camera. We learn that Liz got into a heated argument with a woman as the party was winding down, and she had the woman escorted out.

We do see what happens next: Big Ed says he knows that the woman, who is Liz’s co-worker, is a lesbian, and he asks Liz if they’ve been in a relationship, because the argument got physical in a way he thinks that warring lovers might fight.

Liz tells him to eff himself and leaves the party. Big Ed says this shows him they have many unresolved issues to figure out before they can get married. He calls her through a producer’s phone and goes off on her.

“Until I know everything I need to know about you, I can’t marry you,” he says. “Liz, leave the ring and pack your stuff. You’re not ready to get married.” Liz walks away from the phone as he is still ranting.

“Liz, are you there?” he eventually asks.

Angela and Michael

Michael finally comes out of his house just as Angela, who has popped up on him in Nigeria, continues to rip pieces off of his car, which she says is her car because she paid for it and because she is entitled to all of his property under Nigerian law. He is enraged and shouting, “What is the meaning of this?!”

Brother Yekini holds Michael back from Angela, but she wallops him a few good times when Yekini is out of the way. Michael says he’s done, and so does she.

In an interview onsite, Angela says that all of her kids were against her marrying Michael and she’s done with it now: “You will not come on my f****** visa!”

She had intended to give Michael the benefit of the doubt, but now she is so embarrassed that she just wants to get out of Nigeria as quickly as possible.

“I really had hopes that we would click again,” she says in a later check-in with the cameras.

Jenny and Sumit

Jenny is still hesitant about going to a Kama Sutra-focused yoga class, but decides that she will give it a chance after FaceTiming with her daughter Christina, who tells her to go for it and try new things.

It’s been two years since Jenny saw Christina, but she and her wife will visit Jenny and Sumit in India soon.

“We can’t wait to see you and Pops,” she jokes about Sumit.

“Which way to this freaky class?” Jenny asks Sumit after feeling reassured that he isn’t bored, he just wants them to learn new things for the future. She still feels like, at 63, she’s had plenty of sexual experience and has nothing left to learn.

Jenny is embarrassed to learn that there are other couples in Kama Sutra class, yet she gamely gets on top of Sumit and tries the different breathing and chanting techniques that are being taught.

At the end, they’re both laughing, and the other couples appear amused by Jenny and Sumit, who is looking forward to trying out their lessons later.

“We will laugh a lot for sure,” she says.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Andrei meets with his immigration lawyer, who is concerned that he needs to report for an interview instead of just getting his green card in the mail. She wonders if anyone has complained about Andrei to authorities, or if he’s gotten arrested anywhere in the world. He finally admits that he used to be a police officer in Moldova, and there was once a trial amongst officers on his team.

His lawyer reminds him that he isn’t a U.S. citizen, so he’s not entitled to an “innocent until proven guilty” process. They may deport him when he shows up for the interview. Andrei thinks it’s more likely that someone is “whispering” about him, rather than something from a decade ago just coming up now, but there’s no way to know which it is at the moment.

Back at home, Andrei tells Elizabeth (aka Libby) that he could be deported.

“If we had to move to Moldova, we’d be starting over,” she tells the cameras nervously. “This is serious stuff. This is our home.”

Bilal and Shaeeda

Bilal takes Shaeeda out for driving practice so she can learn how to drive on the right side of the road. She takes her shoes off, citing “heavy feet” that can sometimes make her hit the gas too hard.

The outing is intended as a distraction from Shaeeda’s nervousness in waiting to hear her test results from the fertility specialist, who they have an online meeting with when they get home. Unfortunately, not all of her test results are in, so they will have to wait a bit longer to find out her chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

The doctor asks if the couple has gotten on the same page about having children at all since they came into his office, and it’s clear there hasn’t been much progress in that department. Bilal is still afraid that Shaeeda will leave if things get too hard between them, and Shaeeda is afraid she will never have his baby.

After the meeting, they make a list of pros and cons about having a baby, and his cons stack up against her pros.

“I’m not going to live my life without a baby,” she insists in a solo interview.

Kimberly and Usman

The couple fly to Sokoto in preparation to ask Usman’s mom Fadimatu for her blessing to marry Kimberly. Usman visits her first without Kimberly, saying that he wants them to meet, but leaving out the detail that he wants to marry her.

But Fadimatu is fed up that her son is, once again, bringing her an older American woman instead of “a fertile girl, who is of tender age.”

Usman should let her set him up with a young wife and he can find another wife in America later, she tells the cameras.

“I can find him a wife in just seven days,” she boasts. “There are currently some girls who admire him. We only need his nod and it will be done.”

“I just pray to Gold that Kimberly is not your wife,” she tells Usman. “As far as a request for marriage, I assure you I wont accept it.”

Usman still plans to bringing Kimberly over tomorrow, and “We will pray hard tonight.”

Next Time

Kimberly is crying at Usman’s mother’s house, and she feels like she never had a chance to get their approval. Meanwhile, Jenny thinks Sumit has completely lost his mind over continuing to try and please his estranged parents.

“This is not the married life that I expected,” she frets.

Shaeeda gets worrying news from the fertility specialist, who tells her that the results of one of her tests could hinder a successful pregnancy. Yara shares with Gwen that her green card has been approved and she plans to go to Europe in a week, which raises concerns from her mother-in-law.

Tensions rise between Andrei and Libby as they await his fate in the country. Angela faces Michael and wonders when it’s time to give up on him. And Big Ed asks Liz if she’s a lesbian, which doesn’t land well, but you probably could have already guessed that. Let’s see what happens next when we reconvene on Sunday!

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