’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Usman’s Family Says Kimberly Can Be His Second Wife (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 9 “Bad Blood.”]

There’s a lot of family time on this week’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? — and it doesn’t go the way each of our couples would like. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Episode 9.

Kimberly and Usman

After Kimberly explains to Usman’s family that she brought a bull as a gift and not a bribe, Usman’s mother Fadimatu issues a new directive: “I don’t oppose the idea of him marrying an older woman, but he should start by marrying a younger one.”

“Kindly apologize to her and tell her to leave,” she adds.

“I respect her opinion, but I’m not going to be the second wife. That’s not what I came here for,” Kimberly says to the cameras.

In the car, Usman tries to assure Kimberly that it will work out and offers “double yammy” in bed tonight as a reward. She’s not so sure that it will work. “I wish his family would’ve opened their minds up a little bit more instead of seeing me as his ex-wife,” she admits. She didn’t think they would be open arms, but she didn’t know it would be so hostile.

Usman explains that his mother is like a “second God” to him, and he can’t go against her wishes. “Then it’s over,” Kimberly replies. “I can’t be the second wife. For me, I won’t do that. I won’t be anybody’s second anything.”

Past relationships have pushed her to the side, she explains later, and she is not going to let that happen again. “I don’t care if he came here right now and proposed to me with the biggest diamond in the world. I’m not his second.”

Usman promises to come up with a new plan to approach his mother between now and the morning, but when morning comes, he gets a special regional pedicure at the breakfast table and has no immediate strategy for them other than to just try again. “I been compromising more than what you compromise. You’re not compromising anything to me,” Usman says, which makes Kimberly leave the table.

“My DM is full with young beautiful rich ladies,” Usman boasts. “So who is losing?”

Inside the hotel, Kimberly cries and says she is not seeing anybody today. “He doesn’t deserve it.” She’s tired of all the comments about the women he can get. “But he loves me so much. Does he? Is all this fake? I just don’t even think I want the blessing now. I just don’t care.”

Jovi and Yara


Gwen drives Jovi, Yara, and Mylah to the airport so they can fly from New Orleans to Prague, where her mother Olga (who she hasn’t seen in over two years) is currently living. While they’re not going to Ukraine, Yara hopes that being closer to her friends and family will allow her to provide some support and solutions. Gwen is really nervous to see them go anywhere near where there’s a war, and she is scared that Yara will want to stay in Europe.

Olga meets them at the airport with flowers. Once they’re in the car, she asks Yara in Russian if she misses Ukraine. She says she wants to go to Kyiv and insists to her mother that it hasn’t been destroyed. “I hope this war will end soon,” Yara adds.

Mylah takes to her Grandma Olga quickly, and Yara is happy that she wants to watch the baby without asking her, which is what she wants with Gwen at home. Jovi tells Yara to ask her mom if she’d like to be their nanny in Louisiana, and Olga wants to know if she can be their nanny in Prague instead. “I like it here. Do you wanna live here or go back to America?” Olga asks Yara.

“Maybe I want to stay here, but I am not sure yet,” Yara admits.

“What about Jovi? Does he want to stay here?”

“I don’t know, Mom. I am so happy that Jovi doesn’t understand what we are talking about.”

Jovi knows his name is being mentioned a lot, but he isn’t following the conversation. “Did you say, ‘I love Jovi, he’s the best husband?'” he wonders.

“It’s making me not want to go back to the U.S.A.,” Yara says in an interview. “For now, I don’t know how long I want to stay in Europe.”

Angela and Michael


Angela is about to leave the restaurant, but Michael convinces her to sit down inside and continue the conversation. “I still love him, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make the decision to stay,” she says to the cameras.

“I think both of us make mistake and I think Angela is only telling one side of the whole story and she makes me look like a bad guy,” Michael observes in a solo sit-down.

Angela demands to know why he’s back on Instagram and why he has blocked her. He says he’s using it to get paid by being an influencer; since she refused to send money, he needed to start making his own to take care of his family in Nigeria. She’s not buying it and still thinks he’s just using it to flirt with women, which makes him bring up her TikTok duets with the Canadian guy (who, reminder, used to be a stripper with the name Original Thief of Hearts). She said she did that just to make him jealous and he can prove his love to her by taking his Instagram page down, but he won’t. Otherwise, she’s ready to go home, file divorce papers and pull the visa application, which is on the verge of being granted.

“If you wanna be an opportunist, you be that, but you won’t be that with me,” she yells on the way out. “You know what you gotta do.”

“The ultimatum is sickening,” Michael says in a later interview. “It can’t be her way all the time… I want my voice to be heard. I don’t want to be a silent partner. I’m getting tired of it all, honestly.”

Jenny and Sumit


Sumit has invited his parents to meet somewhere outside their home and Jenny uses the excuse that she is too busy to go because she is unpacking their luggage from the honeymoon and she needs to mop the floor. She thinks it’s a waste of time that he is trying to meet up with him. “He’s never going to convince them — they’re never going to accept me,” she says in a sit-down.

When Sumit shows up at the meeting place, which has outdoor tables, his parents aren’t there, but his brother Amit, sister-in-law Shree, and aunt Surat have come in their place. “They’re not coming,” Amit tells Sumit, who is shocked.

“Now I know that there’s no improvement in the relationship with my parents,” he says in a solo interview.

Surat informs Sumit that his mother is in “extreme distress” and that’s why she has come in her place. Since other relatives, friends, and neighbors have found out that Sumit married someone twice his age, the phone won’t stop ringing at his parents’ home, and they’re finding it difficult to answer.

“The way your mom is right now, seems like she’s going to go insane,” says Surat. “Her eyes look as if she’s drunk or high.”

Surat adds in her own interview that Jenny shouldn’t have married the kid and she should have considered his future.

“Only you can fix this,” she tells Sumit.

Sumit throws a curveball at everyone by saying he’ll have a child in order to make his parents happy, but he hasn’t discussed it with Jenny yet. “Honestly speaking, I don’t want kids,” he tells the producers. “But this is something I will do for my parents in order to make them happy and to accept me as a son.”

Sumit doesn’t tell Jenny about his child-rearing plans, but he does let her know that lots of people have been calling his parents and making fun of them. “If they were strong and supported us as a couple, everybody would back off,” Jenny says.

“That will never happen,” he retorts.

“OK, it’s time to go to America — that’s what I say!”

Sumit thinks going to America will just make his parents hate her more, “but if I will have a kid, that might make them happy,” he explains in the interview. “This is also a good reason to stay in India. I don’t know how she’ll feel about it, but it might change our relationship for good.”

Bilal and Shaeeda


It’s the first day of Ramadan, and the couple have invited Bilal’s mom Halalah, sister Nefertari, brother-in-law, and nephew over for dinner after they break their daily fast at sundown. As she’s cooking, producers ask Shaeeda if there are any updates about babies, but she says that Bilal has made it a “forbidden topic.” She’s looking forward to having his mother and sister’s support to apply pressure to act now. “It’s time to put the gloves on and make him see how serious this is for me,” she says in a solo interview.

Later at dinner, the family makes small talk about Shaeeda’s yoga studio, which she plans to open once she gets her work permit, and Ramadan, but the conversation quickly veers towards Shaeeda’s wish to start their family soon. “We have a family,” Bilal says curtly.

Nefertari was 43 when she had her son, which to Bilal means that he and Shaeeda have “six clean years” to have a baby. After dinner, Shaeeda confides to Nefertari and Halalah that a fertility specialist told them that her ovarian reserves are low and that they should try to conceive in the next six months.

Nefertari and Halalah empathize with Shaeeda and tell her that they understand. “Something this major could be very bad if they can’t come to an agreement,” Halalah tells the cameras.

“I cannot sustain this any longer,” Shaeeda admits in a later sit-down. “Bilal needs to fight his fears. He needs to face the music, so it’s either we have this conversation now about my fertility problem or there might not be a later to have this conversation.”

Big Ed and Liz


Producers drive Liz back to the house where she threw her $13,000 engagement ring in the bushes. She calls her friend Tawny to ask if she can stay at her house for the night. Liz quickly and miraculously finds the ring where she threw it. “He can have it back,” she says.

“I know Ed will have a hard time finding true love,” she adds in an interview. “I really wanted to be the person to show him that.”

She meets up with Tawny, who is fed up with Big Ed constantly walking all over Liz.

Off-camera, Liz returns home, hands Big Ed the ring and goes to sleep without saying a word. Cameras come back on in the morning in time for them to continue their fight, and it gets ugly. She reasserts that she’s not a lesbian, but she did say when they broke up for the millionth time that maybe she should just date women.

In a scathing dual sit-down, Big Ed says their problems are Liz’s fault because she didn’t remove toxic people from her life, while he gave up his friends, mother, and daughter. “Do not put that on me,” she seethes.

Back in the other argument, Liz tells Big Ed to “stop making it seem like I’m a little party animal when we know who the party animal is,” accusing him of drinking every night and saying terrible things to her, like that he wants to sleep with her friend Alex instead of her. He says he was probably drunk and doesn’t remember saying that. “It’s not okay!” she yells.

Liz asks Big Ed to leave after he says that she’s obviously not the right woman for him. “I’m happy to leave. Liz, have a nice life.” Big Ed moved too fast to get engaged, he tells the producers who have followed him out.

“He doesn’t make me feel like I’m his equal,” she tells the cameras that remained.

Big Ed realizes that he doesn’t have anywhere to go. “I lost half my family that were close to me and I gave them up to be with Liz,” he laments. “I have my dogs.”

Next Time

Yara tells Jovi that she and her mother are looking at apartments in Prague. “I’m really surprised that she’s going behind my back to plan all this with her mom,” he fumes to producers.

Libby and Andrei have found out some big news and they’re “1000 percent” not going to tell her family. (No spoilers, but you’ll know what it is if you follow them outside of the show.)

Sumit informs Jenny that he plans to work seven days a week, and Jenny wonders if there is any friend hangout time built into that schedule. “I am not at all interested at all living a retired lifestyle like Jenny,” Sumit says in a solo interview. “I want to be more free.”

Liz begs Big Ed to believe her and he says he’s sorry but he doesn’t trust her. “It’s very clear that this isn’t going to work out,” she concedes to the cameras.

Usman wants to know why Kimberly wants to break up with him in his hometown. She says she was telling him what her boundary is, and later vows, “I will never ever in my life let a man manipulate me again.”

Angela’s friend René tries to convince Michael that it’s dumb to fight over an Instagram account. “I’ve never put my foot down with Angela before,” he confesses in a sit-down. “But if it comes to be the end of our marriage, maybe it’s not meant to be.”

Is this finally the end for Angela and Michael, and will any other burning questions be answered on Sunday? We’ll soon find out together.

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