‘Welcome to Flatch’: Jaime Pressly Previews Her Larger-Than-Life Season 2 Role (VIDEO)

Welcome to Flatch - Season 2 - Jaime Pressly as Barb Flatch
Brownie Harris/FOX

They say you can’t go home again. But the mockumentary Welcome to Flatch’s larger-than-life newcomer Barb Flatch (Mom’s Jaime Pressly, above) is sure gonna try.

In the Season 2 opener, she makes a big return to the Ohio town where her family has ancestral roots. (Similarly, Pressly is shooting in her home state of North Carolina: “There’s nothing better than being on set and hearing the crew members sound like me. It’s soothing.”)

Welcome to Flatch Season 2 Holmes and Jaime Pressly

(Credit: Brownie Harris/FOX)

“Barb’s a lot,” the actress notes. “She’s positive all the time but also very hurt.” After 20 years in Pompano Beach, Florida, with her husband/business partner, Barb is en route to a divorce and eager to “glow up” Flatch with her own successful real estate firm. (She’ll enlist Holmes’ eccentric Kelly Mallet.)

“She’s determined to have a How Stella Got Her Groove Back situation,” Pressly adds. Her tools: margaritas (ahem, “Barb-aritas”) and her cherished wig collection.

“She believes real estate is about selling a fairy tale. She does that with her wigs too. She’s selling a dream.” We’ll buy in!

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of Pressly as Barb, below!

Welcome to Flatch, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, September 29, 9/8c, Fox