’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Playing With Fire (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 14 “She’s a Snake in the Grass.”]

Of the seven couples we catch up with in this episode, only two aren’t fighting (and one is about to be).

Jovi and Yara’s trip to Miami continues to go horribly, as both have very different visions of how they should be spending their time. And speaking of disagreements about what their lives should look like, Julia and Brandon and Angela and Michael have some tough conversations ahead of them about kids. Meanwhile, Asuelu’s family visiting Kalani’s for the holidays goes about how we expected but ends in a way we didn’t.

Read on for all the drama — and to find out who’s moving out!

Angela and Michael

Michael is going full steam ahead with his plans to become a father via IVF; his sperm is checked out, and everything’s fine. But what he doesn’t know is that Angela’s plan for her next step is to ensure that she shuts this all down. While out shopping for new clothes after her weight loss following her surgeries, Angela tells her daughter Skyla she now feels like she has to go to an IVF clinic.

Skyla’s only concern? Exactly whose eggs they plan on using because it’s “not mine,” she stresses. Angela then offers a deal: “I’ll buy you an outfit if you go to the clinic with me.” But no, she doesn’t mean she’s trying to trade “an egg for an outfit.” Rather, as Angela reveals, she wants to go to the clinic to find out all the reasons why this won’t work because she doesn’t want to have a baby. (Who can already see the yelling and hanging up starting again for the couple?)

Kalani and Asuelu

“It just feels like Satan is on my doorstep,” Kalani says as she waits for Asuelu to arrive with his mom, Lesina, and sister, Tammy. The problems start pretty much immediately, with Tammy commenting on the size of the house and how much it must’ve cost. It doesn’t take long for the dinner conversation to turn to money, specifically Asuelu giving his mom some. As Lesina puts it, she’s older now, so she needs it. When Asuelu suggests he send small amounts to help out — he knows his mom’s history of giving money away to everyone — Lesina and Tammy start it on him. But he stands his ground and puts his family’s needs first.

There’s a brief reprieve when the two families play White Elephant…until Asuelu gives his wife a baby blanket. Kalani has already made it very clear she doesn’t want another baby, even though he wants to have a big family. In Samoa, women listen to their husbands, Lesina says, pointing out she has nine kids. But that’s not what Kalani wants, and she also doesn’t understand why no one’s bugging Tammy about having more kids since she only has two. Kolini defends her sister’s choice to decide what happens with her own body. Lesina then tells Asuelu to find another wife, which he finds “ridiculous.” The yelling starts…and ends as Asuelu drags his mother and sister out of the house.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 14 Kalani


Yara and Jovi

Jovi, determined to bring out the “fun Yara” from when they were dating, decides to take her out to a Russian restaurant. (His mother, Gwen, with them in Miami to watch their baby, thinks he’s being rude and Yara’s just being a mom.) They go into the night agreeing to work together on their marriage and love and appreciate one another and…then he gets her to agree to go to a strip club, though she doesn’t understand why her husband would want to go watch another naked woman. He sees married couples in them all the time, he insists.

Jovi promises they will leave if she doesn’t like it, but then he proceeds to refuse to do just that after she’s had enough. She feels awkward, he just seems to be having a good time and keeps encouraging her to give the dancer money, and how did either of them think this was a good idea? When he seems to be too into the stripper and even blows her a kiss, Yara slaps him and walks out. He follows and tells her she ruins every night. (Ouch!)

Natalie and Mike

It’s probably a good thing these two don’t talk to each other in this episode, considering their blow-out over what his mom may or may not have called her, how much they fight, and how much time she spends at home (compared to her friend Juliana’s).

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 14 Mike


Mike goes out for a walk, tries to reach Natalie to find out where they stand (only for her not to answer), and eventually calls his mom. Trish thinks Natalie fights with him to give her an excuse to leave and “doesn’t even like you,” she tells her son. “She’s a snake in the grass. She’s a scammer, period.” He tells her not to talk about his wife like that, but Trish once again advises him to divorce Natalie. After, Mike tells a producer he doesn’t agree with everything his mom says and wants to work on his and Natalie’s relationship. He just doesn’t know where she stands.

But he’s about to find out, as Natalie’s been staying at Juliana’s and admits she can’t take it anymore with Mike. Their relationship is “toxic” and she’s “done with it,” she says, and her friend suggests she stay with her. When Natalie goes to pack up her stuff, she hopes he’s not home…only to walk inside and find him waiting.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Following a family gathering once again ending in a fight about Andrei’s work in the business, Elizabeth meets her father Chuck for lunch. He had a feeling bringing in her husband would cause some problems, but not to the extent it has. (Just wait until he finds out what his other daughters are planning.) However, to her surprise, Chuck says it’s not Andrei’s fault. Rather, he’s worked hard and become a blessing for the business. In his mind, the others are jealous. Still, Chuck wants to bring everyone back together, so he decides to plan a family cookout. Cue clips from the afternoon on the yacht, the RV trip, and the family reunion to prove why that’s a horrible idea.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Season 6 Episode 14 Elizabeth


Meanwhile, Jenn and Becky’s conversation about the cookout turns to them deciding to go into business together against the “team of scam artists.” This cookout is going to be even more of a disaster than anyone thinks, isn’t it?

Julia and Brandon

Fresh off moving into their own place, Julia and Brandon have a housewarming party, with three guests: AJ (who helped them meet), and Melanie and her boyfriend TJ. (As you’ll recall, the last time Julia and Melanie were around one another, it did not end well, with the latter wondering about the former’s intentions.) But things really get awkward when Julia brings up wanting to have a baby sooner rather than later and Brandon agrees with Melanie that they should wait. (He also says he’s going to be checking the condoms, so doubly awkward.) Julia ends up leaving the party. (We know two people who won’t mind if this leads to a split: Brandon’s parents, who want him, but not her, to return to the farm.)

Tiffany and Ronald

After Tiffany told him about going to see a divorce lawyer, Ronald decides to see a marriage counselor … who’s also his uncle, Pastor Paul. (He won’t be biased, Ronald promises his wife.) The topics covered include him changing diapers and Ronald’s job as head of the household. Ronald admits he’s not used to talking about his emotions, but Tiffany’s tired of feeling like she’s alone. They need to stop criticizing one another, Paul says, and be supportive. They’re not even at the car in the parking lot before the fighting begins. Telling him he doesn’t do enough isn’t a criticism but a true statement, she argues, while he feels like she’s not alone because she has her mom helping her. As she walks away and back inside, he calls her a “hypocrite,” and she says he’s a “manchild.” Clearly, that one session with Paul didn’t help.

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