‘The Bachelorette’: Who Will Go Home During Hometown Dates? (POLL)

'The Bachelorette,' Season 17, Katie Thurston, Final 4
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After three emotional eliminations in the July 19 episode (Brendan, Mike P., and Andrew) of The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston is down to her final four men. With the finale quickly approaching, Katie still has a few more guys to let go of before choosing her future fiancé.

The promo for Hometown Dates promises lots of drama and heartbreak, with one guy potentially leaving before the rose ceremony. “All I’m looking for is to be in love and find my person,” says Katie in the promo, “and it’s very possible that my person just left.”

Read through for our argument for why each of the remaining four guys could be saying goodbye on next week’s episode, and vote for who you think will go home in the poll below!


'The Bachelorette,' Greg, Season 17, Katie Thurston, Final 4

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Greg and Katie have had a strong emotional and physical connection throughout the season. He has been a frontrunner ever since getting the first impression rose and the first one-on-one date in Episodes 1 and 2. Greg has always been a bit insecure when it came to Katie dating the other guys, despite her assuring him about her feelings. With Katie being so close to an engagement with any of the guys, Greg could worry that her feelings for him aren’t as strong as his for her. We’ve seen in other promos that a fight between the two is coming up, and the pressure of Hometowns could be the pair’s breaking point. “Who cares about the rose or who’s getting sent home this week? If it’s not real, it’s not real,” says Greg in the midseason preview promo. Could next week be the end of the road for Greg?


'The Bachelorette,' Blake, Season 17, Katie Thurston, Final 4

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After joining mid-season in Episode 4, former Bachelorette alum Blake has quickly become a strong contender. His one-on-one date with Katie proved that the two share many similarities, and their strong physical connection surely helps. Seeing how hurt she was after sending Connor B. home in Episode 6, Blake pulled a trick out of a rom-com and cheered her up by standing outside her window with a radio above his head. Charmed, Katie invited him to her room and the two had quite the make-out session. In Monday’s episode, Blake confessed to Katie that he was not in love with her just yet, “but with the way it’s going, it’s f***ing inevitable.” Going into Hometowns, could Blake regret his confession? Given how strong the pair is, perhaps this revelation could set them back a few steps. One of Blake’s family members or friends visiting for Hometowns asks him in the midseason preview if he thinks any of the other guys have said “I love you,” and if Katie has said it back to them. Will he be able to tell Katie that he loves her, or will his delay be his downfall?


'The Bachelorette,' Justin, Season 17, Katie Thurston, Final 4

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Throughout the season, Justin has always been one of the guys Katie felt the most comfortable around. Their relationship strengthened even more during their one-on-one date in Episode 6. Going through with a pretend wedding, the two got the chance to say how they felt about one another in a private, intimate setting. In Episode 8’s promo, Justin is the only one whose family member/friend visiting for Hometowns is shown. Justin tells him that they haven’t said “I love you” to each other yet, to which his family member/friend tells him that there’s still time to say it. As any Bachelor Nation fan knows, Hometowns can make or break relationships. Is there a chance that Justin’s Hometown visitor(s) could have worries about Katie? Along with the fact that they haven’t said “I love you” yet, a storm of drama could be heading Justin’s way.


'The Bachelorette,' Michael, Season 17, Katie Thurston, Final 4

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Single dad Michael has always been a sweetheart since the beginning of the season. His connection with Katie is very pure and emotional. He continuously views their relationship through a realistic lens, always thinking about how Katie could fit into his life with his son, James. Ever since receiving the second one-on-one date with Katie, it was clear Michael was going to make it far. Next week’s Hometowns will be very important for Michael, as he will see if Katie will truly be able to work in his life and with his son. As Michael says in the midseason preview, “My son’s the thing I love most.” While video chatting with his son, James says that perhaps his dad doesn’t want to see him at the moment. The promo follows up by showing a conversation between Michael and Katie, with him saying, “It just tore me apart. I can’t focus on anything else.” Since there has never been any drama between Michael and Katie thus far, there is little reason for her to choose to let him go. Perhaps he will put his son’s needs first and decide to leave for the sake of his family.

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