‘The Bachelorette’: Katie Picks Her Final 4 Men (RECAP)

The Bachelorette Final Four
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And then there were seven. With only a couple of weeks left, Katie Thurston still needs to choose which of the remaining men — Greg, Blake, Brendan, Andrew S., Mike P., Michael A., and Justin — will get a hometown date. Read on to find out who makes it to the final four on this season of The Bachelorette.

Greg’s one-on-one date

Despite there being men who have never had a one-on-one date (sorry, Brendan and Mike P.), Greg still gets invited on his second one-on-one. And a pretty important one, too. Katie sort of kind of gives Greg a visit to her hometown of Seattle without actually traveling anywhere (because you know, Covid). So they play a little football and eat some oysters. Good times all around.

It’s clear Greg is a major frontrunner. Katie can’t help but look like the heart-eye emoji every time Greg looks in her direction. He opens up about how this process hasn’t been easy for him. And who can blame him? He got the first one-on-one date of the season and then had to endure weeks and weeks of group dates watching the woman he’s falling for surrounded by other men. That’s no one’s cup of tea.

Greg also touches on the fact that he hasn’t introduced a woman to his mother in a very long time, so he takes it very seriously. Katie questions if he’s ready to take that next step with a giant grin on her face, basically telling him she’s coming to his hometown without actually telling him.


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Later that night, Katie admits that she’s worried Greg will leave the show. His insecurities have been on display throughout the group dates, and she’s afraid his jealousy may get the best of him.

“Coming into this environment, it’s hard to not feel a little insecure,” he admits, touching on how he’s dealt with that feeling throughout his whole life. “In this process, I have had my weak moments. I’ve been scared as hell. But I honestly feel like the luckiest guy in the world.”

And then… he drops the L-word. He says can’t wait to introduce to his family the woman he’s falling in love with. MIC DROP. No surprise here, moments later, Katie pins a rose on Greg’s chest.

But before they wrap up their evening, Katie shares that it wouldn’t be a Seattle date without some rain. Magically, it starts pouring outside and the couple starts making out in the rain like the scene from The Notebook.

The group date

Justin, Andrew, Blake, Michael A., and Brendan get the group date, meaning Mike P. gets the remaining one-on-one date. Also meaning Brendan will be the only contestant left to never have a one-on-one date with Katie. Brendan’s so distraught over this news that he beelines straight to Katie’s room to confront her about it. Maybe she can shed some light on why he is still here, because I’m pretty sure everyone watching at home is just as clueless.


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But what Katie has to say isn’t exactly what Brendan wants to hear. With hometowns looming, she tells him that while she felt a connection with him initially, they’re too far behind the other relationships. And sends him packing.

Anyway, back to the group date, the men meet up with Katie at an “art exhibit” and learn that they’ll be creating their own art, using Katie as their muse. Andrew ends up painting sushi because he and Katie both love food (sounds like he’s in the friend-zone to me but whatevs). Blake takes his painting to the next level and it’s so scandalous, it can’t even be shown on television. It did, however, make Katie blush, so it’s clear it’s something very provocative. Remember, this is the guy who opened up about his “personal handshake” schedule last week, soooo I guess just use your imagination?


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Later that night, Katie has an intense conversation with Blake. He seems very confident in his feelings for her and that he’ll be getting a hometown date. “I’m not in love right now, but with the way it’s going it’s f***ing inevitable,” he tells her. Katie admits that it’s very easy with him and they’re a lot alike, but considering he joined the show mid-season, she’s somewhat hesitant. She’s not so hesitant with Michael A., however. While chatting with the single dad, she tells him she’s allowed herself to picture what her life would be with him, calling it a “dream.”


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During her chat with Andrew, the athlete opens up about his career in football. He says he’s willing to stop playing if it would help their relationship thrive once they re-join the real world post-show. Katie encourages him to continue chasing his dream. She seems totally confident that whatever obstacle they encounter in the future, they will get through it.

But despite the deep talks and having plenty of amazing guys to choose from, it’s Michael A. who gets the group date rose, securing him a hometown date.

Mike P.’s one-on-one date

Let’s call a spade a spade. Mike P. the virgin and Katie the sex-positive chick aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. And they’re having their first date literally seven weeks in. But sure, I’ll play along and pretend that these two could actually be getting engaged in a couple of weeks. Mike P. and Katie! Soooo cute.

So, they meet with a “cuddle expert” in the middle of the woods who teaches them how to hold each other in various positions. Yes, you read that correctly. Only problem? There’s zero chemistry. These two can’t stop laughing and as the expert herself points out, it’s awkward laughter, not funny laughter. Because they’re essentially strangers. Okay, that’s enough pretending. Look, we all know this relationship isn’t going anywhere. I could be watching Michael A. be precious and adorable right now but instead, I’m watching Katie act like Mike P. actually has a legitimate shot at a hometown date.

Luckily, Katie cuts the date early because… told you so, she has stronger relationships with other men. “Deep down I know where my heart is headed,” she tells him. And by that, she means, “Sorry, but you’re not Michael A. and/or Greg.”

Mike admits he’s “bummed” to be leaving which further proves that this relationship just wasn’t it.

The rose ceremony

Going into the rose ceremony tonight, Katie has to choose between Justin, Blake, and Andrew for the remaining two roses and it’s clear she’s torn up about this heavy decision. Sadly, it’s Andrew who gets the boot tonight, with Justin and Blake getting hometown dates along with Michael A. and Greg.

She tells him tearfully she’s building stronger connections with the other men and he deserves more than what she can give him. After he leaves, Katie is seen venting to a producer, clearly not confident about her choice.

The next morning, Andrew shows up at Katie’s hotel room with a big smile. He didn’t want to leave her on a sour note, and wanted to have a final conversation with her. Magically, these two seem like they’re the best of friends, totally fine with the fact that their romantic relationship ended just hours prior.

But as Andrew leaves once again, he gives Katie a note which brings her to tears. “If you change your mind… I’ll be waiting,” it reads. She runs down the hall and chases after him sobbing. She jumps into his arms and they both cry together.

“If there’s a way to stay a little longer, would you want to?” she asks him. WAIT. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Is he going to stay, knowing that he’s clearly in fifth place, only to be sent home again a week later? No way. He’s better than that.

“I want my future wife to choose me,” he says, and no one can blame him for that. “I don’t want to go through this again.”

And then there were four.

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