‘The Bachelorette’: Thomas Finally Faces the Music (RECAP)

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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

Season 17 • Episode 4

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The drama ahead of tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette has reached an all-time high with frontrunner Thomas being questioned by the men for having ulterior motives, because… hello, the dude is a walking red flag. But will Katie see through his sweet-talking lies? Read on for the Episode 4 recap to find out what goes down this week!

The group date

The men show up to the group date where they find out they’re going to be playing a ridiculous game of Truth or Dare. Katie needs a funny man, damn it, and if you’re not willing to wax your armpit on national television, well, you might not be the guy for her. Katie invites her “two friends” Kaitlyn and Tayshia to help her out with this date and I don’t get why we’re not just referring to them as the hosts that won’t go away. Ever.


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So the guys are dared to eat super-sized servings of Twinkies, cake, and pasta and my first thought is YUM, but my second thought is, I’m just praying that none of these dudes are on the Keto diet because this date is going to destroy any progress made. After the carb fest, things start to heat up. The guys have to eat a habanero pepper (aka the hottest food pretty much ever) before getting down on one knee and proposing to Katie. Greg gets down on one knee and tells Katie he loves her… and like, this proposal is fake, right? But, is it? Katie seems a little too happy with the vision of Greg on one knee. Girlfriend already is in love. I’m calling it now.

The nighttime portion of the date is for the “truth” part of the game. I know, if only Thomas was on this date. Katie spends time opening up with each of the men, specifically Greg (shocker), who she admits she’s falling for. But even with Katie’s confession, Greg admits that he’s struggling living in a house with other men who are also fighting to be the final man.


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“I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I’m crazy about the girl,” he admits in his confessional. Precious.

While Katie and Greg are gushing over one another, the rest of the men are gushing about Thomas. And since we’re all about being truthful here, Tre feels compelled to tell Katie the truth about Thomas and his motives.

“There’s been a pattern of manipulative behavior with him,” he admits, adding that Thomas’ goal is to become the next Bachelor. Katie is clearly upset and disturbed by this news, and ends up giving Tre the group date rose for being so open and honest.

A surprise visitor

The next day, Tayshia shows up to Katie’s hotel room to share some unexpected news. Apparently, Blake Moynes from Tayshia and Clare’s season of The Bachelorette wants to pull a Nick Viall and join Katie’s cast of men mid-season.

“He can’t stop thinking about you and he’s here and he wants to talk to you and see if you’ll give him a chance,” Tayshia tells her. Katie seems excited but also torn because she’s already established a handful of really strong connections (cough, Greg).


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My honest opinion? I’m so here for this. It’s clear the Thomas train-wreck can only go on so much longer so we’ll need some new drama to focus on and Blake will deliver just that. A former contestant showing up halfway through the season? The men will flip out. Pass the popcorn. Let’s do this.

After meeting Blake, it’s clear Katie is intrigued but also concerned. She knows that this would be Blake’s third attempt at dating a Bachelorette on television — and that’s not exactly a good look. But Blake assures her that this has nothing to do with the show, but the potential he sees in her.

The cocktail party

The men CAN. NOT. stop hating on Thomas, so he takes matters into his own hands and shows up to Katie’s room ahead of the cocktail party. A preemptive strike, if you will. Katie looks like she’d rather see literally anyone other than Thomas at this point, but still lets him in. She flat out asks him if he’s thought about being the next Bachelor but he continues to defend himself and manipulate her. He even says he’ll sign something (???) to prove that he’s being truthful about his intentions. LIES. Kick this dude to the curb, Katie. Enough is enough.


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Katie shows up to the cocktail party late and immediately apologizes to Thomas in front of everyone. “I’m sorry you’ve been feeling ostracized by the group,” she says. The rest of the men are understandably confused and angry that he continues to manipulate Katie.

The topic of the cocktail party continues to be about Thomas and his negativity, leaving Katie with a lot to think about ahead of the rose ceremony.

The rose ceremony

Right as Katie is about to start the rose ceremony, Thomas speaks up and openly apologizes to the entire room. Not sure what he’s even apologizing for at this point if he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, but whatever. Katie starts handing out the roses and to everyone’s surprise, calls Thomas’ name. SHOCKED. I screamed in my bedroom.

But she didn’t call his name to offer him a rose. Instead, she uses the time to tell him off in front of the entire room.

“Your Bachelor audition ends tonight, so get out.” See ya never, Thomas!

After the ceremony, Katie heads to Blake’s room and tells him she wants him to join the show to which he happily accepts. Out with the old, in with the new.

“Hopefully the wait is worth it,” she tells him.

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