Frank Fritz

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Birth Date: October 11, 1965

Age: 57 years old

Birth Place: Davenport, Iowa

Frank Fritz's lifelong passion of digging through old junkyards and dilapidated basements in search of rare finds and antique collectibles turned him into one of the country's most recognized pickers and star of the hit reality show "American Pickers" (History Channel, 2010- ). Born and raised in Davenport, IA, Fritz started picking at an early age, collecting rocks and beer cans. As a teenager, he followed the train tracks from his home to pick up items that were discarded by the hobos that rode the rails. It was around the same time that he met Mike Wolfe, who was also an avid picker. For 25 years, Fritz worked as a fire inspector and he began collecting firehouse-related trinkets. He continued to pursue his passion of picking and in 2002, he quit his job and founded Frank's Finds, which he filled with vintage items, motorcycles, and other collectibles to sell. He often traveled with Wolfe, logging in thousands of miles in a cargo van and digging around strangers' junkyards, basements and garages. Wolfe began recording their adventures on the road for a television show that he was, at the time, pitching to networks.

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