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Clayton Echard and Rachel from 'The Bachelor'

‘Bachelor’ Exes Clayton Echard & Rachel Recchia Reunite (VIDEO)

Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco in season finale of 'The Bachelorette' - Season 19

Has ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise Traded Fantasy for Emotional Turmoil?

Best Lines of the Week (March 11-17): ‘You’re Not as Strong as You Think’

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Talk ‘Bachelor’ Backlash & Their Road-Trip Future (VIDEO)

Clayton Echard
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‘The Bachelor’ Finale, Pt. 2: Did Clayton Find His Happily Ever After? (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26 Finale Night 1, Clayton Echard, ABC
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‘The Bachelor’ Finale, Pt. 1: Clayton’s Choice Brings Broken Hearts & Second Chances (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Gabby, Rachel, Susie, Clayton Echard, ABC

Will Clayton End Up With Anyone at the End of His ‘Bachelor’ Season? (POLL)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 9, Fantasy Suites, Gabby, Clayton Echard
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‘The Bachelor’: A Surprise Dealbreaker Leads to a Fantasy Suite Meltdown (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Women Tell All Special
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‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’: Fan Favorites and Villains Spill the Tea (RECAP)

'The Bachelor' - Season 26, Episode 8 - Gabby Windey, Serene Russell, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans
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‘The Bachelor’: Emotions, L-Bombs & a Tough Dad on Hometown Dates (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26 Cast, ABC

Who From Clayton’s ‘Bachelor’ Season Should Be the Next ‘Bachelorette’? (POLL)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 7, Clayton Echard, Susie
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‘The Bachelor’: Clayton Picks His Final 4 Ahead of Hometowns (RECAP)

John Cena in Peacemaker

Best Lines of the Week (February 11-17): ‘It’s … Not a Rumor’

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 6, Clayton Echard, Teddi
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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6: One Villain Falls as Another Arises (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 5, Genevieve and Shanae, two-on-one date

Who Will Make It Through the ‘Bachelor’ 2-on-1, Shanae or Genevieve? (POLL)

Jesse Palmer of The Bachelor

Jesse Palmer on Staying Out of Clayton’s ‘Bachelor’ Drama: ‘His Decisions Have to Be His Decisions’ (VIDEO)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 5, Clayton Echard, Gabby, ABC
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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5: Toronto, Romance & an Oscar-Worthy Performance (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 4, Clayton Echard, Jesse Palmer,
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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 4: Shanae Continues to Stir the Pot (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 3, Clayton Echard, Nicole Eggert
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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3: The Reign of Shanae Continues (RECAP)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, Episode 2, ABC, Clayton Echard, Cassidy
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‘The Bachelor’ 2022 Episode 2: Cassidy and Shanae vs. The House (RECAP)

'The Bachelor' Season 26 Contestants, Rachel Recchia, Teddi Wright, Sarah Hamrick

How to Follow Clayton’s ‘Bachelor’ Contestants on Instagram

'The Bachelor,' Season 26 Premiere Host Jesse Palmer

What Did You Think of Host Jesse Palmer in ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere? (POLL)

'The Bachelor,' Season 26, ABC, Clayton Ehcard, Jesse Palmer

‘The Bachelor’ 2022 Premiere: Clayton’s Journey Begins With a Rose Refusal (RECAP)

'The Bachelor' Season 26 Contestants, Rachel, Gabby, Sierra

Get to Know Clayton Echard’s 31 ‘Bachelor’ Season 26 Contestants (PHOTOS)

Clayton Echard of The Bachelor

‘The Bachelor’ Star Clayton Echard Wins Us Over With His Honesty (VIDEO)

'The Bachelor' Season 26, Clayton Echard, Trailer

Did the New ‘Bachelor’ Promo Spoil Clayton Echard’s Final 3 Women?

'The Bachelor' Season 26, Clayton Echard to star

Clayton Echard Is Officially Your Next ‘Bachelor — First Look at Season 26 (VIDEO)

Next Bachelor 2022 Candidates

Who Is Your ‘Bachelor’ Pick From Michelle’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season? (POLL)