Best Lines of the Week (March 11-17): ‘You’re Not as Strong as You Think’


This past week came bearing gifts — memorable lines from new episodes of AMC‘s The Walking Dead and Starz‘s Outlander to be precise!

Things got emotional with The Bachelor‘s Season 26 coming to an end (congrats to the newly couple!) and This is Us kicking off the final Big Three trilogy with the focus on Kevin (Justin Hartley). Netflix holds the crown this week for offering us a captivating docuseries about fraud, Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives., which revolves around former restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis, and her downfall.

Keep reading for this week’s memorable quotes.

Justin Hartley as Kevin in This Is Us

This is Us (NBC)

“I want to be the kind of man who does the right thing because it’s the thing to do, the kind of man that’s there.”

Kevin (Justin Hartley) to a stranger in the waiting room

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Ezekiel: “Why would you do that?”

Carol: “Because I don’t want you to die?”

—Carol (Melissa McBride) helps Ezekiel (Khary Payton) get to the top of the hospital’s list in time for his cancer surgery but he feels guilty about the rest of the patients in line.

The Dropout

The Dropout (Hulu)

Brendan: “Hooo! Why the f**k is he here?”

Sunny: “He’s the guy that comes to these f***ing meetings, OK?”

—Sunny (Naveen Andrews) deals with Brendan’s (Bashir Salahuddin) annoyance at Christian’s (Sam Straley) presence.

Saturday Night Live - Season 47
Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live (NBC)

“To prepare for the role, I watched the movie musical Cats every day for a year.”

Host Zoë Kravitz on how she prepared for her role as Catwoman in The Batman

Resident Alien

Resident Alien (Syfy)

Ben: “No breaking, just entering. Door was unlocked.”

Liv: “Yeah, after you climbed through the window and unlocked it.”

— Everyone comes to Harry’s (Alan Tudyk) house to celebrate with a surprise party, after Ben (Levi Fiehler) lets himself in.

Raised By Wolves

Raised by Wolves (HBO Max)

Grandmother: “You’re not as strong as you think.”

Marcus: “None of us are, robot.”

— Mother (Amanda Collin) has brought Marcus (Travis Fimmel) before Grandmother (Selina Jones) where they talk about “The Entity.”


Outlander (Starz)

“They deserve every chance to protect themselves. If you will not help them, then I will.”

—Ian (John Bell) wants to help the Native Americans have a chance against England, but Jamie (Sam Heughan) knows their fate because of Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) knowledge of the future.

Clayton Echard in The Bachelor
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor (ABC)

“I need somebody to help me because I’m so broken.”

— Clayton Echard sobs to the camera after his breakup with Susie 


Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. (Netflix)

“We used to call her ‘the Sarmama.’”

— Joey Repice, ex-employee at once hottest restaurant Pure Food and Wine, about Melngailis

Jack Conley as Tatum in 9-1-1: Lone Star

9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox)

 “As long as you’re hanging onto one end of it, it’s a lucky firefighter that’s on the end of it.” 

—Captain Tatum (Jack Conley) leaves Mateo (Julian Works) with his lucky webbing as a parting gift.