'Mrs. America,' 'The Crown' & 6 More Shows That Will Take You to the Past

Nick Massenburg-Abraham
TV Shows Set in the Past
FX; Netflix (2)

We are constantly moving forward through time, but curiosity, and sometimes even nostalgia, can keep us attached to our historical past.

Avid history buffs might desire to see some of our favorite time periods and iconic moments of history play out in person. We can only imagine what it might have been like to stand shoulder to shoulder with the activists at the 1963 March on Washington or with the Napoleonic soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo. Others look to the past as a simpler time. The innocent memories of our childhood can keep us looking backward and longing for what is gone. 

For those of us who would like to time travel to get a glimpse at what we missed or recapture our days of old, we might have to wait quite a while—forever, even—before that is a possibility. 

But some of our favorite period series can hold us over in the meantime, visually immersing viewers in the culture and society of some of the most interesting and pivotal historical eras. They give us the closest taste of time travel that we have so far.

So from Mrs. America to The Crown, check out some of the best programming for your imagination’s visual journey to the past below.