5 Things to Remember Ahead of ‘The Boys’ Season 2

The Boys Season 1
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It’s been a while since fans last spent time with The Boys, but Amazon is amending this as the streamer announced the show’s Season 2 return for Friday, September 4.

That’s right, the superhero satire from Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke is delivering more blood, guts and thrills as the conflict between the Boys and Supes rage on. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to remember what happened before diving into the latest episodes.

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'The Boys' Are Back! Amazon Unveils Season 2 Premiere Date & Sneak Peek (PHOTO)

Find out what's in store for the latest chapter of the superhero satire.

From shocking reveals, deaths to life-threatening predicaments, the series dropped a lot of bombs on the audience in its final Season 1 moments. Whether it was Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) fate or Hughie’s (Jack Quaid) status with Starlight (Erin Moriarty), there’s plenty to remember before September 4.

Below, we’re rounding up some key details and reminders that could be helpful ahead of Season 2’s highly-anticipated arrival.

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Everything We Know About 'The Boys' Season 2 So Far

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The Boys A-Train
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A-Train Was Dying

In the Season 1 finale’s last minutes, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) is helping Hughie and the rest of the Boys escape authorities when A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) arrives. Disgruntled following the death of his love, Popclaw, A-Train blames Hughie for her demise even though he injected her with a deadly dose of heroin. Needless to say, A-Train was overcome with emotion and after abusing his system with performance enhancing drugs, the speedy Supe collapsed as he suffered cardiac arrest. Will he make it through to live another day or has A-Train ran his last lap?

The Boys Season 1 Homelander Madelyn
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Homelander Killed Madelyn

After being deceived by the Vought International executive, Homelander (Antony Starr) fried Madelyn Stillwell’s (Elisabeth Shue) brain. Using him as an ally, she got him to do her bidding behind the scenes, operating outside of regulation to try and sell the idea that Supes should be utilized by the government, but secrets about Homelander’s past led him to take severe action. What’s next for the Seven without their Vought leader? It’s a little foggy, but we’re sure big boss Mr. Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) has some ideas.

the Boys season 1
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Becca’s Alive

One of the falsehoods Homelander went after Madelyn for was the truth about Billy Butcher’s wife Becca (Shantal VanSanten) who they both believed might be dead. Instead, she’s alive and living in the suburbs with her son, the result of an alleged rape by Homelander. And while the reveal was just as much for the audience, Homelander dragged Butcher along as well and the shock mirrors the audience’s own.

The Boys Season 1 The Deep
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The Deep’s Depressed

After being sent away for his inappropriate behavior, the Deep (Chace Crawford) settled into the monotony of civilian life for the most part. But after enduring his own dose of sexual assault and being told that he won’t be returning to the Seven’s mix anytime soon, he took a razor to his head conveying the level of emotional turmoil he’s going through.

the Boys Starlight Season 1
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Starlight Knows the Truth

Some of the characters discovered the truth about Supes, learning that they are bred with the help of a substance known as Compound V. Although part of the Seven, Starlight’s allegiance certainly aligns with the Boys due to Hughie’s connection with the group. Perhaps her knowledge about the method used to create Supes like her will be used for good?