12 Current 'NCIS' Franchise Characters Who Should Cross Over Next Season

Meredith Jacobs
NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters
CBS; Skip Bolen/CBS; Michael Yarish/CBS

All three NCIS series ended their current seasons early, but fortunately, they've also all been renewed. So yes, there were show-specific questions left up in the air for Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Pride (Scott Bakula), Hetty (Linda Hunt), and their teams, but hasn't it been long enough without a crossover of some kind?

Both NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans have crossed over with the show that introduced both teams, but only the latter has been part of a full-blown event since premiering. While it would be great to see that happen again, smaller crossovers, during which only a character or two appear on another show, work well, too.

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With that in mind, we're taking a look at which NCISNCIS: LA, and NCIS: NOLA characters should appear on one of the other shows next season.