12 Current ‘NCIS’ Franchise Characters Who Should Cross Over Next Season

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters
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All three NCIS series ended their current seasons early, but fortunately, they’ve also all been renewed. So yes, there were show-specific questions left up in the air for Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Pride (Scott Bakula), Hetty (Linda Hunt), and their teams, but hasn’t it been long enough without a crossover of some kind?

Both NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans have crossed over with the show that introduced both teams, but only the latter has been part of a full-blown event since premiering. While it would be great to see that happen again, smaller crossovers, during which only a character or two appear on another show, work well, too.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at which NCIS, NCIS: LA, and NCIS: NOLA characters should appear on one of the other shows next season.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Vance
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Vance (NCIS)

Vance is probably the easiest character to send to Los Angeles or New Orleans. After all, at least once a season, something goes down that requires a call to the director. Considering Hannah’s ongoing conflict with Van Cleef and the upcoming trial of Argento, there are already built-in reasons for him to appear early on in the next seasons.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Gibbs
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Gibbs (NCIS)

Gibbs has already visited both cities and worked with both teams, so he has established relationships. But another crossover could allow LA to further explore his and Callen’s past (and who wouldn’t love to see him with Hetty?) and we’ll always take more scenes with him and Pride.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Bishop
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Bishop (NCIS)

Bishop’s already made a trip down to NOLA, but that was before she started training with Odette. We’re seeing little changes in her on NCIS, and it could be interesting to see the New Orleans‘ team’s reaction to the new Bishop. We have yet to see her interact with the West Coast team, but maybe she can get some advice about a romance with her partner from Kensi and Deeks.

David McCallum as Ducky - NCIS Los Angeles / New Orleans Crossover Characters
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Ducky (NCIS)

Ducky’s taken on a new role at NCIS in recent seasons — as its historian — and that or something else could easily bring him to one of the other show’s neighborhoods. Let’s see him and Wade work together, or let’s see LA need a medical examiner just when he happens to be in town and it be the perfect case for him to consult. (And, of course, let’s have him and Hetty sit down for tea and conversation after.)

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Hetty
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Hetty (NCIS: LA)

One of the big questions on LA right now is when Hetty will retire, but before she eventually does, we’d love to see her in D.C. again for something — and appear on NCIS as a result. Or maybe we find out that one of the times she’s out of the office, which is more than she has been previously, she was in New Orleans and crossed paths with Pride and his team for something about which she shared nothing.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Nell
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Nell (NCIS: LA)

As Nell ponders her future with NCIS, isn’t it the best time for her to maybe check out other offices? She can hang out with Patton or McGee. The latter might be especially helpful given how long he’s been with the agency, what he’s been through, and job offers he’s gotten.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Kensi

Kensi (NCIS: LA)

Kensi’s made the trip to Hawaii to hang out with Five-0 in the past — one of the crossovers that brought those two shows together — but she could easily fit in with the other teams. Wouldn’t it be fun to recall Kensi hanging up on Gibbs for Tony while pretending there were technical difficulties? Or to have her and Tammy bonding? She could even talk to Pride about having a kid in their line of work, considering she and Deeks are trying to have a baby.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Sam
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Sam (NCIS: LA)

At the end of the Season 11 finale, Argento was so sure that he didn’t have to worry about his upcoming trial since he’s connected to D.C. That could easily bring Sam to the East Coast — and over to NCIS. (And would Torres try to fight him?) Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to see him getting a taste of New Orleans and its cuisine?

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Pride
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Pride (NCIS: New Orleans)

Work could bring Pride to either show. He could reconnect with Gibbs, maybe even drive down after visiting his daughter, and just so happen to be around to help out with a case. (It would, of course, end up being one that’s connected to their past.) Or something could bring him to Los Angeles, where he works with OSP to chase down a suspect and stops by the bar to offer Deeks some tips.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Tammy
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Tammy (NCIS: New Orleans)

Either team could require help from a profiler, and for some reason, Tammy’s either in town or the best person for that specific case. Let’s see her mess with Deeks, Eric, or Torres, offer some advice to Bishop, and watch Palmer talk to the victims.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Loretta
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Loretta (NCIS: New Orleans)

Ducky could bring Loretta in to consult with Palmer on a case for some reason or another, or she could be in town just at the right time for Hetty to bring her in to help. And as a mother, she could easily handle any antics from either team.

NCIS Los Angeles New Orleans Crossover Characters Sebastian
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Sebastian (NCIS: New Orleans)

Sebastian has come far, and we’ve seen him talk to McGee about that journey. And now with REACT, the sky really does seem to be the limit for his career future. Anything could take him to NCIS or L.A. and who knows what ideas he might have about what he’ll do next after such a visit?