How 'NCIS',' 'MacGyver' & 6 More CBS Shows Surprisingly Share a Universe

Meredith Jacobs
CBS Crossovers Connected Universe
Kevin Lynch/CBS; Justin Stephens/CBS

It used to be that two shows crossing over was a bit of a rare event, depending on what it entailed. But that's changed, especially in recent years.

Now, those events — whether across multiple episodes or even networks or on a smaller scale, with one or two characters — happen more and more often. Obviously, all the NCIS shows share a universe, though we have yet to see all three teams work together on a case.

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From One Chicago to 'SVU' to the 'FBI' show to the Stabler spinoff, there are plenty of characters to pick from.

But through smaller crossovers, other procedurals are also connected to that world. Scroll down as we break down all the connections throughout the CBS dramas. (Note: if an actor has only appeared as a different character on another show, we're not counting it here.)