‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ Sneak Peek: A Pop Culture Quiz (VIDEO)

Ready for a pop quiz?

That’s what three players face in the January 25 episode of Ellen’s Game of Games, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek as host Ellen DeGeneres waits for the balloon to burst — literally.

In “Burst of Knowledge,” the contestants take turns answering trivia questions and passing a balloon back and forth, knowing that time will be up for one of them ..but which one?

In this instance, they answer questions like, “Which two hip-shaking divas performed perfectly at Super Bowl 2020?,” “Which sport does LeBron James play professionally?” and In which fictional series would you find Platform 9 3/4?”

Watch the clip above for more of this round and to see who has the misfortune of running out of time.

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The show’s big cash prize pits contestants in games including “Blindfolded Musical Chairs,” “You Bet Your Wife,” “Name Dropper,” and “If I Could Turn Back Slime.” The winners across four rounds advance to “Know or Go.” The winner of that then advances to the 60-second final round, “Hotter Hands,” during which they must correct answer as many questions as possible by choosing between two images.

Ellen’s Game of Games, Mondays, 8.7c, NBC