‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ Drops Names — and Contestants — in 2021 Premiere (VIDEO)

Contestants on Ellen’s Game of Games are in for a jolt if they don’t know their celebrities in the NBC game show’s 2021 return.

It all kicks off with back-to-back episodes on January 4 (at 8/7c), and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at a round of Name Dropper, as host Ellen DeGeneres reads two texts. Will they be enough for someone to guess the identities of the people behind them?

“Whassup Ellen! Woke up from my workout at 3am, feeling invincible,” she reads. “When I was younger I stayed out late for some boogie nights.” One of the players, Matthew, rings in with John Travolta. But as the host informs him, he’s wrong; it’s Mark Wahlberg.

Watch the clip above to see what happens to Matthew, and his fellow competitors’ reactions.

On the NBC game show contestants maneuver massive obstacles, answer questions while facing a clock, and face gigantic plunges into the unknown (like in the game in this video), while hoping to walk away with a big cash prize.

Ellen’s Game of Games, Season Premiere, Monday, January 4, 8/7c, NBC