’90 Day Fiancé’: Trouble in Paradise — & on the Farm (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

90 Day Fiancé

Unsure and Insecure

Season 8 • Episode 8

rating: 4.5 stars

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 8 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

There’s a storm on the horizon in these couples’ blissful engagements. From Andrew’s selfish tropical Mexican vacation without Amira to Stephanie’s paradise-gone-wrong in Belize, it seems that no matter the sun-filled destination, these couples will find drama.

Let’s dive into these choppy waters!

Bling Ring

Stephanie somehow is now able to travel to Belize to see Ryan. After 10 months of being apart, Stephanie chalks up their recent fights to the strain of being long-distance. She’s even bringing him a slew of watches to prove their love is timeless.

But the most important accessory in her suitcase is her mother’s engagement ring. “Even though Ryan is my fiancé, he’s never officially proposed yet,” she explains.

While wearing a custom-printed face mask with her and Ryan’s faces on it, Stephanie confirms this is the trip in which she’ll know whether they’re meant to be together.

Stephanie and Ryan, Face Mask, 90 Day Fiancé


Forgive & Forget

Mike and Natalie reel from Natalie’s self-admitted overreaction in the kitchen the night before. “I’m not here to hurt you,” Mike comforts Natalie.

“Sometimes I’m angry with him. Sometimes I want to run away,” Natalie says with a smile to the camera. “I realize I have two choices: either I’m married, either I’m right. I prefer to be married.”

Mike and Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


Baby On the Way

In New Orleans, Yara purchases a pregnancy test. Yara is worried that if she’s pregnant, she won’t be ready for the responsibility of a child.

Yara, Pregnancy Test, 90 Day Fiancé


Yara calls her friend while waiting for the results. Turns out Yara is expecting. “F**k, I don’t want to think about this,” Yara anxiously stresses. “I can’t understand I’m pregnant now. What will I do alone, with a kid? That’s not my plan for sure.”

‘A Very Selfish Man’

Amira arrives back in France after spending three days in an immigration detention center in Mexico. Of course, Andrew is still at the resort in Puerto Vallarta. The scene cuts to him enjoying ice cream on the beach with a two spoons — “One for me, one for Amira. I really wish she was here.”

Meanwhile, Amira solemnly leaves the airport. “That trip to Mexico was the worst nightmare ever in my whole life. But I’m relieved to be safe in France,” she explains.

Amira, 90 Day Fiancé


Amira and her father discuss her experience. Apparently the authorities denied her entry for the official reason of “no passport,” but as Amira explains, they had her passport in custody.

“They lie,” Amira’s dad said says, shaking his head. “Andrew is responsible for all the panic, all the trouble we had for our family. He’s a very selfish man.”

“I wish that Andrew tried to look for me while I was detained,” Amira admits in a confessional.

The Mother-in-Law Test

Mike’s mother Trish arrives in Sequim from Oklahoma. After Natalie hugs Trish hello, Trish tells the camera that she doesn’t have a “super impression” of her. Trish then asks why Natalie forfeited her ring in the first place. “Y’all got to figure it out. Don’t test each other and it will make it a lot easier,” Trish scolds Natalie.

Natalie and Trish, 90 Day Fiancé


In Too Deep

Stephanie arrives in Belize, and runs right into the arms of Ryan. He calls her return to Belize his “dream come true.”

Stephanie and Ryan, 90 Day Fiancé


In the hotel room, Stephanie unpacks all of her presents. Of course, Stephanie also brought glow-in-the-dark condoms, and brags that they have sex four times a night. “She’s a bit over-age, but yeah she keeps up,” Ryan laughs in a confessional.

Ryan vows to Stephanie that she is his No. 1 priority, to which Stephanie asks again about him texting other women. Ryan offers to remove his phone password while Stephanie is in town so she can check it whenever she wants.

Ryan, 90 Day Fiancé


“I’m hoping that she’s willing to work with me and right here, right now, let’s make a new beginning, fresh,” Ryan says to the camera. “Because I’m actually way too deep in it already and I actually really want to get to America.”

Selfish Self-Care

Andrew is still pending his summer outside America. He goes ATV riding, and defends his carefree vacation. “Now that Amira is safe, the least that I can do is do a little bit of self-care and make the best of the situation,” Andrew says. He literally gets a massage following this confession.

Andrew and Amira, FaceTime, 90 Day Fiancé


“He’s vacationing so there’s no room for me to open up about what happened to me anymore,” Amira sadly tells the camera. With only 35 days left on the visa, she’s worried about being with her fiancé.

Andrew suggests they “do this all over again” in another country. Amira rightfully points out that the burden would once again be on her. “I’m speechless,” Amira admits. “The more Andrew is pushing me, the more I’m wondering, does he really want the best for me?”

A Chilly Cold War

Natalie observes Mike around his mother, Trish. Natalie believes that Trish is the key to get her ring back: If Natalia can convince Trish to be on her side, hopefully Trish will advise her son to continue with their engagement. It’s all about Natalie’s Cold War tactics to manipulate Mike. Sounds like a healthy relationship!

Trish, 90 Day Fiancé


Natalie has spent a month in the U.S., and Mike announces to Trish that she hasn’t even unpacked yet. “I feel like, unsure and insecure,” Natalie opens up to Trish. But Trish wants to make sure that Natalie understands the consequences of her actions. Finally Natalie acknowledges that it was a mistake to throw the ring back at Mike.

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


Natalie explains that she’s stressed about not setting a date for their wedding, since her mom needs to obtain a visa to fly out for their nuptials. Trish advises that they set a tentative day. Natalie is overjoyed that her plan seemingly worked, because in her solipsistic mind, Trish has no free will of her own.

“I feel like I found a magic button to Mike’s heart: Trish,” Natalie says, laughing like Cruella de Vil.

Escape From the Farm

Now, back to the boring farm. Julia calls Brandon while he’s at work to tell him she’s done with living in Virginia. “Brandon, you know what? I look like a pig!” she cries. “I want to leave now!”

Julia, Dirt, 90 Day Fiance


Brandon keeps trying to put off the conversation. He comforts Julia by telling her that he didn’t bring her to the U.S. to “clean animals.” Julia gives him an ultimatum: If he doesn’t fix the situation, she’ll go back to Russia.

Brandon, being a wimp as always, flip flops moments later. “What’s wrong with taking care of a few cute animals?” he asks. Julia’s response echoes the audiences’ reactions: “Are you f***king serious?!”

Drunk in Love

Stephanie gets all glammed up for her first dinner with Ryan in Belize. Once again Stephanie inquires about Ryan talking to other women. They order drinks, but Stephanie already seems to be slurring her words even before taking the first sip.

Stephanie, 90 Day Fiancé


Stephanie vents to Ryan about how difficult it is to get a K-1 visa during the pandemic. Ryan assures her that no matter what, he will come to America. Stephanie also hands Ryan her mother’s ring, and asks him to propose with it. Ryan says he still wants to fully regain Stephanie’s trust before pops the question. But let’s all remember: Stephanie slept with Ryan’s cousin Harris, and Ryan still has no idea.

“I really want to tell him, but I just don’t know when the right time is going to be,” Stephanie casually confesses. Maybe the right time would have been before she handed him the ring? Just saying.

One-Sided Relationship

Brandon returns home from work and already is angry at Julia. “I’m trying really hard here to make her happy and it just feels like the effort is in vain,” he tells the camera.

Brandon, 90 Day Fiancé


Julia accuses Brandon of not really wanting to marry her. She has been making compromises for him, without Brandon doing anything for her. He even admits to not listening to how she feels.


Next week, Yara breaks the news to Jovi that she’s pregnant, and Jovi has some conspiracy theories about it. Plus, Andrew lists off other ways to bring Amira to the U.S., including meeting in sexy vacation destination Serbia. Sounds fun and totally worth it.

Mike and Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


We can’t wait for next time!

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