The ‘Industry’ Cast Is So Money (Video)

Industry HBO

It’s the age-old question we get here at TV Insider. “What should I be watching?”

Simply put, you should be watching Industry. The HBO drama centers on eager first-years inside Pierpoint & Co, a London banking firm where money means more than race, gender, or even morals, and is so instantly entrancing that you don’t even need to know what some of these financial worker bees are talking about.

In fact, it probably helps at times to feel as lost and stressed as the characters because that makes the jaunts into their out-of-office lives even more entertaining. These youngin’s let loose. Some hold big secrets, some are engaged in relationships that aren’t the smartest, and some we’re not even sure about yet. But on the clock, they’re on the ball. Check out our chat with the four leads — Myha’la Herrold, Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, and David Jonsson — and see just how charming they are.

HBO Max released the entire first season over the weekend of November 28, should you want to binge. Or, you can dip into the pool of high-pressure stakes and wanton hookups on a weekly basis every Monday night on HBO. Either way, you are definitely going to get your money’s worth.

Industry, Mondays, 10/9c, HBO.