The Secret Life of ‘Superstore’ Scene Stealer Lauren Ash (VIDEO)

Lauren Ash Superstore Podcast True Crime & Cocktails

Some people are so funny, it should be illegal. Take Lauren Ash, the deadpan perfection that is Dina Fox, Cloud 9’s assistant manager on NBC’s Superstore. Blessed with a gold-medal poker face and a delivery that sends us every time, it’s impossible for the Canadian comic to not steal every scene she is in.

So it’s fitting that Ash is obsessed with true crime. Like the kind of obsessed that may even make her look suspicious. And that is just fine with her, because it has led to True Crime & Cocktails, the podcast she started earlier this year with her sister Christy Oxborrow and a bottle of wine.

We adore everything this woman does (justice for Super Fun Night!), so of course, we jumped at the chance to chat her up about how Unsolved Mysteries inspired her side hustle, her favorite cold case and what she is doing to make sure costar (and fellow TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorite) Ben Feldman knows no peace following the onscreen end of his character Jonah’s romance with Amy now that America Ferrera has left the show.

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