‘Superstore’: Ben Feldman on the ‘Big Hole’ Left by Amy’s Exit in Season 6

Superstore, Season 6 - Ben Feldman and America Ferrera
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Greg Gayne/NBC

The time has come for the Cloud 9 crew to bid farewell to Superstore‘s ambitious store manager Amy Sosa (America Ferrera, who exits the comedy after Season 6’s second episode).

The single mom is set to move from Missouri to California for a job at HQ, and as of now, her coworker beau Jonah (Ben Feldman) plans to go with her — but plans can change.

“It’s so rare that I get story points I’m not allowed to talk about,” says Feldman, when asked why Jonah may stay behind. “You’ll have to see.”

While he admits Ferrera’s departure creates “a big hole that we will have to fill with antics and comedy and charm,” he also notes that Superstore is an ensemble show. And one that’s never shied away from real-world issues, which is why the staff will contend with the coronavirus just like their Target and Walmart counterparts.

Superstore Season 6 Amy Jonah Mateo

(Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC)

“Those [workers] became frontline heroes,” he says. “They don’t get the luxury of closing down. That’s the world we’ll be living in.”

Superstore, Season 6 Premiere, Thursday, October 29, 8/7c NBC