M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Servant’ Sets Season 2 Premiere Date at Apple TV+

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Season 2 of M. Night Shyamalan‘s Apple TV+ series Servant finally has a premiere date as the streamer unveiled the news in a video montage.

While the preview didn’t feature scenes from the new season, we now know that upcoming episodes will arrive beginning Friday, January 15, 2021. Unlike other shows on the platform, which release three episodes on premiere day, Servant‘s second season will launch with one episode and will be followed by weekly installments.

Season 2 will feature 10 episodes as executive producer Shyamalan returns with writer Tony Basgallop and stars Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint. Season 1 of the twisty dark thriller focused on how a rift in mourning Philadelphia couple, Sean (Kebbell) and Dororthy’s (Ambrose) marriage allowed a mysterious force in the form of a nanny named Leanne (Free) to enter their home.

Season 2 will take a supernatural turn as Leanne’s true nature is revealed upon her return to the family’s brownstone. A darker future lies ahead, but fans will have to wait and see what that means, since few other details are available at this time.

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Along with Shyamalan and Basgallop, Servant is executive produced by Ashwin Rajan, Jason Blumenthal, Todd Black and Steve Tisch. The show is co-executive produced by Taylor Latham and Patrick Markey.

Servant, Season 2, Premieres Friday, January 15, 2021, Apple TV+

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